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When it comes to jewelry-making, men’s jewelry is often overlooked. Maybe you’re not sure what materials to use or how a piece can be styled into men’s fashion. We’re here to tell you that making men’s jewelry is a ton of fun and the pieces can easily be added to any look. With everyone adding more personalized touches to their style choices, the time for men’s jewelry is now.

We have plenty of jewelry inspiration for men on our website. Artbeads CEO Devin Kimura is a fan of wearing men’s jewelry. He’s wearing our Adventure leather bracelet kit, our Insight beaded bracelet kit, and our Truth leather bracelet kit in the picture above. In today’s post, we’re sharing inspiration for accessories meant for the cool dudes in your life. We’ll offer up ideas for materials, colors, and styles that work great in men’s jewelry, as well as some tips on how to style finished pieces. These ideas make excellent gifts, or you can work on making these pieces together with the man in your life. Whether it’s Christmas or Father’s Day, these projects will have you inspired to make a special gift for someone you know.

Leather – A Classic Choice for Guys

Men's Jewelry Inspiration

There’s a reason leather is so perfect for men’s jewelry. It’s sturdy enough to wear all the time and it provides a rich accent to any look. Our oval Regaliz leather is a great choice for men’s jewelry, as it’s thick and substantial. Cheri used it in her DK bracelet, made for Devin. The slider bead initials are a fun personalized touch. Regaliz flat leather is also a nice option for guys. Cynthia let Devin in on the action when making our Topsy Turvy bracelets. Devin had fun splitting and twisting the flat leather used in the bracelets, and Cynthia picked out the Clay River Designs sliders and glued the clasps on. Great date night idea, right? A leather bracelet is perfect for a guy to wear all on its own or he can stack different leather bracelets all together for a truly bold style.

Black – A Bold Color for Every Occasion

Men's Jewelry Inspiration

If you’re worried about what color to pick for men’s jewelry, black is always a sure bet (the same can be said for women’s jewelry, really – black is always in style). It goes with everything and is perfect for more masculine styles, as it provides a strong backdrop for any accent. Our Urban Jewelry Kits from the Artbeads Designer Series feature excellent style options for men’s jewelry and many of them offer up classic black color palettes. Our Independence leather bracelet kit features flat black leather strands with silver sliders that bring the strands together, while our Strength leather bracelet kit includes multiple strands of round black leather with silver sliders. Try pairing these pieces with other black accessories or layer in some color for a more care-free style.

Don’t Rule Out Necklaces

Bracelets are a popular choice for men’s jewelry, but necklaces are also nice. For men’s styles, a bold chain is often enough to make a style statement, like in our Open Road necklace. We love how the ring bead looks like a car tire and the spacers look like hex nuts holding it in place. Our Desert Horizons necklace is another great men’s option filled with texture. It features a gemstone donut pendant easily wire-wrapped onto braided cord. Necklaces like these look great with button down or polo shirts. When making necklaces for men, keep in mind that necklace lengths may lay differently when worn, since men are built differently.

Chain Mail – For Your Knight in Shining Armor

Men's Jewelry Inspiration

There’s a reason chain mail was used in medieval armor. It was a functional choice for keeping knights protected and it looked cool! Men don’t really need to go around protecting themselves from jousting matches anymore, but that doesn’t mean chain mail has gone away. It’s a favorite among men thanks to its durability, sleek style, and versatility. You can make your own chain mail, like Cheri did in her Canterbury Tales bracelet by connecting jump rings together. Or, you can use our chain mail chain that comes already linked together, as seen in our Valiant necklace. Create a faux chain mail look like Devin did in our Cool Guy bracelet, by weaving cord through several strands of regular chain. There’s lots of fun options for creating the chain mail look in your style.

When in Doubt, Keychains!

Men's Jewelry Inspiration

If you’ve taken a look at all of our men’s jewelry ideas and still aren’t sure if the men in your life will wear jewelry, there’s always the option of making keychains. Use the jewelry-making techniques you know to make something he can personalize his key ring with. Cynthia made this Rather Be Fishing keychain for Devin by raiding his tackle box and incorporating some of the accessories found there into the bezel pendant and the dangles. It’s perfect for reminding him of one of his favorite hobbies and it’s useful – he’ll always know which key ring is his!

If you have any tips or ideas for men’s jewelry and accessories, please share with us in the comments below. We love hearing from you. Share any men’s jewelry you’ve made on our Facebook page or in our Facebook Group for Serious Artbeaders

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    • Kimberly Crawford
    • June 13, 2019

    My husband loved his gift (Topsy Turvy Design w/Clay River supplies) so much that we bought the makings for a second colorway. My husband watched Devin’s video twice & made the 2nd bracelet. We both love this design which can be worn well by both men & women.

    • cross earrings men
    • December 30, 2020

    Buy now Make desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.” … Here is my version of “men’s jewelry” –an adjustable lanyard necklace made with guy supplies.
    cross earrings men

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