Nail Art with Swarovski Crystalpixie – Video Tutorials for Your Next Manicure

Nail Art with Swarovski Crystalpixie

There are two things that can put a special outfit over the top: the perfect jewelry and the perfect manicure! Swarovski offers items that can help you make both. You know and love all of Swarovski’s crystal beads and jewelry-making components, but did you know about Swarovski’s Crystalpixie nail art? Swarovski Crystalpixie nail art sets come with step-by-step instructions and the Crystalpixie crystals are contained within a lovely faceted bottle. These small crystal components shimmer and gleam, creating a mesmerizing effect like fingers dipped in stardust. It’s sure to put your manicures over the top, whether done yourself or done by your favorite nail technician. We’ve played with these fun nail art kits in a previous blog post and over on the Artbeads Cafe. We also wanted to share some excellent video tutorials for using Crystalpixie from our friends over at Swarovski’s CreateYourStyleTV YouTube channel. These videos are easy to follow and make it so easy to get started with Swarovski Crystalpixie:

How to Create Different Crystalpixie Effects with a Base Coating

Try your Crystalpixie nail art with different colors of base coating to create completely new effects each time. Master nail artist and authorized instructor Gina Rinaldi-Silvestro shows you how.

How to Create Your Crystalpixie Nail Design

Some of our Crystalpixie sets come with different styles of Crystalpixie, like the Petite crystals (more rounded) and the Edge crystals (angular and bicone-like). You can use them together to create endless designs.

How to Fix Crystalpixie if it’s Messy

We’ve all been there – sometimes you just get a little too eager and parts of your manicure end up messy. This video shows you how to fix it!

How to Remove Crystalpixie

This video shows you how to remove your Crystalpixie nail art when you’re ready for bare nails or to try a new style.

Introducing Swarovski Crystalpixie Bubble Nail Art

Swarovski’s latest Crystalpixie nail art includes Bubble crystals. Inspired by magical glossy textures, this nail art is made from uncut crystal balls in three sizes that, when clustered together, create an innovative 3D bubbly effect. It’s sure to transform the base appearance of any base lacquer. CreateYourStyleTV also has an excellent video for creating manicures with this new nail art:

Supplies to Use with Crystalpixie

We hope these videos inspire you to get creative and sparkling with your next manicure. Don’t forget, we offer some amazing items to help you play with the Crystalpixie nail art sets.

Nail Art Supplies to use with Crystalpixie

You can find Gummy Jelly LED/UV Diamonds Gel for nails on our website, as well as ShineE gel top coat for nails. The Gummy Jelly applies any size of diamond stone or charm without ever moving, so you can apply stones to every nail and the top coat seals and protects your gel design and gives a beautiful glossy look.

Crystal Katana and Beadsmith triangle tray

You might have also noticed helpful tools like these in the videos above. The Crystal Katana is excellent for perfectly placing tiny crystals like those found in the Crystalpixie sets. Our plastic triangle trays from The Beadsmith are also great for catching any stray crystals while you work on your nail art. Once you’ve completed your nail art, use the tray to easily pour the crystals back into the bottle.

Swarovski Flatbacks

Of course, Swarovski flatbacks are perfect for using as accents with Crystalpixie. We offer flatbacks in all kinds of shapes and sizes. The classic round 2088 flatbacks are always a nice touch in nail art, but you might also have fun creating cool patterns with our Geometric Kite, Trapeze, and Diamond Shape flatbacks.

We’d love to see your nail art creations! Tag us on Instagram or share on our Facebook Page.

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