TOHO Treasures – Versatile Cylinder Seed Beads

TOHO Treasures

TOHO makes amazing seed beads in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Their round seed beads are a staple to have on hand for any kind of project and we love getting creative with unique options like Bugles and Triangles. Our latest obsession is TOHO Treasure beads. These seed beads are cylinder in shape, much like Miyuki Delicas. Because of their uniform cylinder shape, they work wonderfully in all sorts of bead stitches. They have large stringing holes, so it’s easy to pass thread through multiple times and they are available in over 200 incredible colors. We’re diving into some great inspiration for using these amazing little seed beads in your jewelry designs. First, let’s take a look at how TOHO Treasures stack up compared to other types.

Comparing Seed Beads in Brick Stitch

We created three brick stitch swatches with three different types of seed beads so you could see how they compare when stitched together. As you can see, TOHO Treasures provide a more uniform look compared to the TOHO rounds and they are just a hair larger than Miyuki Delicas. They are an ideal choice for brick stitch because of how consistent they are in the stitch. Our designers have made some fantastic brick stitch cuties with these Treasure seed beads.

TOHO Treasures and Brick Stitch

Brick Stitch Cuties with TOHO Treasures

Artbeads Designer Cheri Carlson made these adorable animals with TOHO Treasures. The colors bring each animal to life within the stitch, from the muted gray of the elephant to the vibrant blues of the bird and the shimmering oranges in the goldfish. She also used our seed bead graph paper to come up with these patterns herself (learn all about this awesome design resource in this blog post). These little cuties are perfect for wearing as pins or you can dangle them as charms on a necklace or even on a keychain. Once you start using TOHO Treasures in brick stitch, you won’t be able to stop!

TOHO Treasure Brick Stitch Pineapple

Artbeads employee Becky also loves using these amazing seed beads in her brick stitch designs. She created this sweet pineapple, just in time for summer. Once again, the amazing colors of the TOHO Treasure beads allowed her design to really shine.

TOHO Treasures and Peyote Stitch

Peyote Stitch featuring TOHO Treasure Cylinder Seed Beads

Peyote stitch is another technique that’s perfect for TOHO Treasures. This stitch is similar to brick stitch in that it allows you to create endless patterns. Artbeads Chief Jewelry Designer Cynthia Kimura created geometric looks with this stitch in her Blackberry Trail bracelet and Persian Tapestry necklace.

TOHO Treasure Cylinder Beads in Peyote Stitch Rings

TOHO Treasure seed beads are ideal for making rings with the peyote stitch, as well. Thanks to their uniform shape they are so comfortable to wear and the stitch goes by really fast with each consistent bead. Cheri had fun adding them to her Lilac Pond ring,┬ Eye of the Volcano ring, and her Cupid’s Arrow set.

Carrier Bead with TOHO Treasure Peyote Stitch Band

If you like using TOHO Treasure beads to create peyote stitch rings, you should try using them to decorate Czech glass carrier beads. These beads are the perfect shape for showcasing peyote stitch bands within your designs. Cheri used some Treasures to create the peyote stitch design decorating the carrier bead at the center of her Rattlesnake Ridge bracelet. Carrier beads are available by the strand, so you can come up with all kinds of different patterns for each bead. It’s a great way to try all of the fabulous TOHO colors together.

TOHO Treasure Color Inspiration

Speaking of TOHO colors, we wanted to leave you with some inspiration for using these beads with other beads and components we offer. They’re perfect for bead stitches like brick and peyote, but they make excellent essentials for other projects, like stringing and wire work. Cynthia paired up some Treasures with other pieces in these Color Parties:

TOHO Treasure Cylinder Beads Inspiration

This Lilac Color Party pairs the dusty yet soft purple color of the Treasure seed beads with Artbeads Designer Blends, Swarovski crystals, and even some amazing Czech glass options. The Treasures would make great spacers between any of these beads.

Color Inspiration for TOHO Treasure Seed Beads

The TOHO Treasures in this Buttercup Color Party are so eye-catching. They make the perfect accent to all of the turquoise beads on display. You could easily use them along with the other pieces in a textured bead embroidery project.

TOHO Treasure Seed Beads Color Palette

Finally, this Lime and Majestic Blue Color Party features three different TOHO Treasure colors all together for a lively display. They provide the perfect shining backdrop for all of the other beads. With these pieces, you could make multiple jewelry pieces with all kinds of different techniques.

We hope these inspirations give you a taste for how to use TOHO Treasure seed beads in your jewelry designs. They are high-quality seed beads you’ll love using, no matter what the project. How will you use them? If you’ve already tried them, feel free to share with us on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram.

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