Join Us for an #ArtbeadsAdventCalendar December Instagram Challenge (+ a Giveaway!)

We love Advent Calendars at Artbeads. They make counting down to Christmas exciting and festive. This year, we’ve decided to create an Instagram challenge counting down to Christmas. Join us over on Instagram┬ástarting December 1st and share posts for each day’s theme (and make sure you’re following us so you can see what we share). You can share jewelry, beads from your stash, crafts, or something that inspires your work. There are no rules, so get as creative as you like! Just use the hashtag #ArtbeadsAdventCalendar with each post. Take a look below at the themes we’ve chosen for each day in December leading up to Christmas and learn how you can win some Christmas presents just by participating!

  • 12/1: Share something purple – Purple is our favorite color here at Artbeads, so we want to see what you love about this amazing hue.┬
  • 12/2: Earrings – Share some earrings that you’ve made or are working on.┬
  • 12/3: #ThisIsMyDesignStudio – Everyone has a special place where they create. Whether it’s a studio, or the couch in front of your TV, share your work space with the hashtag #ThisIsMyDesignStudio.┬
  • 12/4: Winter Colors – What colors are you working with this winter? We want to see!┬
  • 12/5: Fave Jewelry Theme – We all have a certain theme that we end up designing with again and again. Maybe you’re drawn to birds or steampunk style is where it’s at. Maybe you just can’t get enough ocean jewelry. Share your favorite jewelry theme today!
  • 12/6: Bead Storage – How do you store your beads. Everyone has their own system and we love getting new ideas for keeping our stash organized.┬
Bead Storage Options
  • 12/7: What are you working on? – Are you working on any Christmas jewelry? Maybe you’re busy creating gifts for your friends. Whatever you’re working on, share the finished project, the work-in-progress, or even the inspiration.┬
  • 12/8: Multi-Strand – The holidays are the perfect time to layer it on! Share your best multi-strand piece today.┬
  • 12/9: Your Other Hobbies – We all love to bead. But what other hobbies keep you inspired? Share them today.┬
  • 12/10: Beading Advice – Whether it’s beading advice you’ve received or beading advice you’ve given, we want to hear it!┬
  • 12/11: Bracelets – Share a favorite bracelet (or a few) that you’ve made or are working on.┬
  • 12/12: Christmas Craft Day – We’re almost to Christmas! Are you working on any Christmas crafts?┬
Winter Wonderland Brick Stitch Christmas Ornament
  • 12/13: Fave Jewelry-Making Tools – What’s your favorite tool that gets the job done time after time? Share it today.┬
  • 12/14: How do you seed bead? – These little beads are a staple in so many stashes! How do you use them? Whether it’s bead embroidery, looming, stringing, or something else, make sure to post a picture of how you seed bead.┬
  • 12/15: Wear Your Pearls Day – Today is National Wear Your Pearls Day. Share a selfie of you in your pearls (whether they are freshwater, Swarovski, or something else).┬
  • 12/16: #InspiredByNature – Nature’s beauty is a constant inspiration for jewelry-making. Share some beads or a project full of Mother Nature’s wonder with the hashtag #InspiredByNature.
  • 12/17: Bling Day – Sparkle, sparkle, and more sparkle! Show off your bling (nail art, dazzling necklaces, statement earrings, oh my!) today.┬
First Snow Earrings
Winter Bling!┬
  • 12/18: Rings – Share a ring or two that you’ve made or are working on.┬
  • 12/19: Fave Jewelry-Making Technique – Our designers all have a favorite technique. Cynthia loves bead embroidery and Cheri can’t get enough of looming. What’s your favorite technique?┬
  • 12/20: Beading Fuel – Let’s face it, we need fuel when we’re beading. Maybe you curl up with some coffee (in your Artbeads Cafe Mug, of course) or maybe you need chocolate to create. Whatever fuels your creativity, share it today.┬
  • 12/21: Necklaces – Share a necklace that you’ve made or are working on.┬
Swarovski BeCharmed Bead Necklaces
The Night Before Christmas Necklaces
  • 12/22: Jewelry Display Ideas – How do you display the jewelry pieces you’ve made? Share your ideas today.┬
  • 12/23: Fave Color Palette – We all have certain colors we’re drawn to. What’s your favorite color palette for jewelry-making right now?┬
  • 12/24: Dreaming of a White Christmas – It’s Christmas Eve and today’s the perfect day to share any white or snow-themed jewelry.┬
  • 12/25: Merry Christmas! – You’ve made it to Christmas, so feel free to share the Christmas jewelry you’re rocking, maybe some beady gifts you’ve given or received, or even your favorite homemade Christmas decor. Get creative and festive for today’s holiday!┬

We hope to see your posts for the #ArtbeadsAdventCalendar challenge starting December 1st. We’ll be sharing some of your posts on our Instagram Stories throughout the challenge. As an added bonus, we’re giving away a prize of fabulous Christmas presents (including a $50 Gift Card) to one random lucky winner who participates in the challenge (Artbeads Official Contest Rules apply). Cynthia has chosen beads, tools, and other great items related to each day’s theme to give away, so make sure to follow along to see what she’s added to the prize each day!

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    • Christy
    • November 28, 2018

    Looks like fun! I plan to join

    1. Reply

      It’s going to be so much fun! We can’t wait to see what you share, Christy!

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    • Cindy
    • December 7, 2018

    The colors are gorgeous! Pallets are inspirational


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