Swarovski Innovations Sneak Peek – Innovations Spring/Summer 2020

Swarovski’s Innovations for the Spring/Summer 2020 season have just been announced and they are an exciting mix of new shapes, colors, and effects that are sure to speak to your emotions. In fact, these Innovations are inspired by The Power of Emotions, reaching out to customers like you with a sparkling story. In these Innovations, stories are created and captured in pure radiance. Every brilliant piece sends its own crystal-clear message: it is time to enter a world of emotion. Let your emotions shine in the cuts, colors, and inspirational magic of this new crystal collection.

New Shapes

Round and Square Spike Flatbacks

These edgy and three-dimensional flatback shapes offer bold and exciting style options. They echo the desire to reject convention and fill the fashion landscape with an “anything goes” attitude. Mix and match these rebellious components into your designs. Contrast them with classic crystal pearls. They can easily be glued or embedded into epoxy clay. Try them on shoes for a high-fashion look. The small sizes could even make for very creative and extravagant nail art.

Princess Cut Pendant

This gently expressive element features a balanced shape that creates a sense of tranquility and calm. The multilayered cut is inspired by classic gemstone styles and embodies a sense of stillness, tapping into the power of our emotional state and offering new sensations to any creation. Use this pendant in traditional birthstone colors to convey an emotional, personalized message in your jewelry designs.

New Crystal Effects and Pearl Color

Eden Green Crystal Pearl

Designers will find their “Eden” in the evergreen color of this beautiful and lustrous pearl. This intense, shimmering color is reminiscent of the 80s, yet receives a contemporary update as opulence continues to infiltrate both day and evening wear. It is a vibrant, playful, and optimistic color that will put you in mind of exotic greenery. The sophisticated shiny/matte finish is perfect for spring and summer. It’s a lively, unexpected twist to the classic pearl and it just so happens to perfectly complement the new DeLite effects below.

DeLite Effects

These Innovations bring new variations to the DeLite family of effects: Laguna DeLite, Lavender DeLite, Ocean DeLite, Peach DeLite, and Sunshine DeLite. These effects blend and blur iridescent hues together, creating a magical glow. This radiant crystal collection crosses the divide between the extraordinary and the everyday, offering interest and intrigue to any design. With these brilliant and multi-functional options, you have new design possibilities in combination with the existing DeLite effects and the new Shimmer colors below.

Shimmer Effect

The new DeLite effects cannot be offered on beads and pendants, so this complementary line extension of the Shimmer effect is made to match for unlimited design possibilities. You’ll find beads in Light Amethyst Shimmer, Rose Shimmer, Aquamarine Shimmer, Siam Shimmer, Peridot Shimmer, and Crystal Shimmer. New flatbacks feature Light Rose Shimmer and Tanzanite Shimmer options. This soft and elegant effect radiates multiple shades of a single color, for a dazzling display of sparkle that works wonderfully with the new DeLite effects.

Electric Effects

It’s time to get bright with this neon-like palette that delivers a high-voltage sparkle like no other. Drench the senses in color with Electric Blue, Electric Green, Electric Orange, Electric Pink, Electric Yellow, and Electric White effects. The best part? These effects feature UV pigments that glow under UV light! These electrifying pops of color signify a desire for excitement in our creativity. They’re great for dance costumes thanks to the neon design, offering a sparkling and premium look.

Line Extensions

Fine Rocks Tube Beads

You’ve fallen in love with the glittering style of these tube beads already (both with and without endings) and this launch offers even more options for this fun bead. These beads feature a sparkling pave look thanks to the double-pointed chatons in size PP14 decorating the surface. They are ideal for creating innovative and cool looks. Use them on small leather cords, as well as beading string and wire. With these Innovations, you’ll find a new 8mm size that allows for versatility and enables easier combination amongst existing crystal components.

What do you think of these latest Swarovski Innovations? Which ones are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below. These amazing crystal components will be available to shop soon, so stay tuned on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. Sign up for our email newsletters to be among the first to know when they are available (you can sign up at the bottom of our homepage).

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    • Genareed Durbin
    • March 13, 2019

    I try to look for several colors on your website and I can’t find any of them. I have not been beading very long. I have bought most of my beads from Auracrystals. The numbers I have been looking for are opaque matte dyed pale pumpkin my-11-2041 and opaque orange red toho-11-0045A . I realize that these may not be your numbers but it gives you all the information I have to solve the search. Thank for your help.

    1. Reply

      Hi, there. The codes you are looking for are for a different website, so typing them in exactly will not work on our website. However, we do try to use TOHO and Miyuki color numbers in our codes so they are easier for our customers to find. It looks like those numbers are included in these codes. We carry 11/0 TOHO’s in the red color you are looking for here: https://www.artbeads.com/jewelry-supplies/toho-bead-round-11-0-opaque-cherry/ We don’t carry 11/0 Miyuki rounds in the pumpkin color you are looking for, but we carry the same color in Delicas: https://www.artbeads.com/jewelry-supplies/miyuki-110-luminous-delica-seed-beads-honeycomb-8g-bag/ I hope this helps!

        • Diane Korus
        • September 1, 2019

        The 9mm l

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