Time to Shine – Swarovski Innovations Spring/Summer 2021

The Swarovski Innovations for Spring/Summer 2021 have just been released and these Innovations are all about the Time to Shine. In our fast-paced digital world, time itself is a luxury. We relish the moments that create the most meaningful memories, like the activities that bring us joy and happiness. For the DIY jewelry makers out there, that means beading. These crystal Innovations will help you create special designs that will help you remember that it is Time to Shine! Check out what’s new below.

Iris Crystal Color

Swarovski Innovations - Iris Crystal Color

The new Iris crystal color is a beautifully reimagined shade of purple that fits right between Amethyst and Light Amethyst, so you can create gradient styles full of majestic appeal. It’s a wonderful color all on its own, too. With its extravagant brilliance, it’s a lovely option for floral and spring-inspired designs.

Electric LacquerPRO DeLite Effects

Swarovski Innovations - Electric LacquerPRO DeLite

These bright crystals combine the neon “wow!” of the Electric LacquerPRO effects with the eye-catching sparkle of the DeLite effects. The result is a surreal and psychedelic style that even glows under UV light. They’re perfect for contemporary styles, especially eccentric and extreme designs, as they reflect the joy and radiance of a new age.

Ignite Effect

Ignite is a subtle effect applied to unfoiled crystals to highlight a crystal’s facets and sparkle. The subtle effect of highlighting the article’s facets on the reverse side produces an intense sparkle at the front. With the Ignite effect, classic Swarovski crystals are reimagined. This new effect is available for Crystal, Aquamarine, and Light Rose colors.

Opal Shimmer

Swarovski Innovations - Opal Shimmer

Swarovski Opal crystal colors are combined with the dazzling Shimmer effect to create something totally new! The translucence of crystal Opal colors and the vibrancy and brilliance of the Shimmer effect are perfect for each other. These trend-inspired, summery colors radiate a soft and elegant sparkle with multicolored flashes of light. You’ll be mesmerized! These new effects are a wonderful match for the new Iris color and the Iridescent Dreamy pearls.

Crystal Iridescent Dreamy Pearls

Swarovski Innovations - Crystal Iridescent Dreamy Pearls

These new crystal pearl colors give off a pearly iridescent finish with a shiny, glimmering look that complement each other. The Rose color combines a soft sheen with digital brights, reflecting a new era that mingles old ideas and modern formats. The Blue pearl has a soft illumination that answers the call for a sense of stillness in modern designs. Try these pearls with the Platinum and Pearlescent White pearls.

More Light Rose Options

Swarovski Innovations - Light Rose

Get excited for expanded design possibilities due to the addition of the gem-inspired Light Rose color to the most classic Swarovski shapes. This is the most classic and most used of all the pink shades in the crystal color assortment and it corresponds to the gem-like pink sapphire color. You’ll find new faceted rounds, bicones, briolette pendants, pear-shaped pendants, heart pendants, and more in Light Rose with this Swarovski Innovations launch.

Cutie Cutes

Swarovski Innovations - Cutie Cutes

Quirky cuteness is steadily infiltrating sophisticated wardrobes. With that in mind, Swarovski’s Cutie Cutes collection takes a cue from Kawaii style. These little charms are optimistic and playful, adding a touch of joy to your designs. In an era of communication and expression, the Cutie Cute becomes an emoji all of its own. Let these Cutie Cutes tell a story in your jewelry designs. They are the perfect expression of the easy DIY trend.

Pear Cut Pendant

Swarovski Innovations - Pear Cut Pendant

The new Pear Cut Pendant is an adaptation of the classic Fancy Stone shape. It features a multilayered cut with 44 facets, for gemstone-inspired sparkle. This lightweight pendant helps achieve a very elegant, fine-jewelry look in your projects.

More Shimmer Effects

With the latest Innovations, more pendants will have the Shimmer effect available. The effect will be available in Crystal, Aquamarine, and Amethyst for the 6228 Heart pendant, 6430 Classic Cut pendant, 6431 Princess Cut pendant, and the 6106 Pear-Shaped pendant. Inspired by the Aurora Borealis (AB) effect, this soft, elegant effect radiates multiple shades of a single color, for a striking look that accentuates every movement of the crystal.

These amazing Swarovski Innovations are available to purchase now! Click here to shop. Which of these Innovations are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below. Make sure to keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages and sign up for our email newsletter for more Swarovski Innovations inspiration.

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    • Cindy Zdrill
    • February 13, 2020

    The iridescent pearls are so beautiful. 😊

    • Susan MacWilliams
    • February 13, 2020

    I love the new Oris Crystal Color, because of the hint of green. I imagine it will look great with peridot.

    • Anne B Hilliard
    • February 13, 2020

    I got my iris swarovski and it is absolutely stunning. I have to get more!

  1. Reply

    Love all of the Swarovski colors and am so ready for spring!

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