Meet the Designers – Robin and Marie of Hiilos Clasps

Have you tried the interchangeable Hiilos clasps yet? These interchangeable clasps are an ingenious way to finish your DIY jewelry creations. The magnetic clasps work with small tubes that slide into place within the clasp. With these tubes, you can make as many bracelet strands as you want and mix and match which strands are on the bracelet at any given time. Take a look at how they work with our video:

Robin and Marie are the owners and creators behind the innovative Hiilos clasps. Their workshop is located in Valmorel in the French Alps, where the clasps are all made and assembled. We recently spoke with Robin to learn more about these clasps and the inspiration behind them.

Where does the name Hiilos come from?

Before Hiilos, we were Land Surveyors and owners of a 45-employee company. We decided to sell the company in 2015 in order to have a less stressful life.

During a trip to Guatemala, we bought friendship bracelets, beaded bracelets, and bags to sell in France on a website. That’s how we created Hiilos.

One day, during this trip, Marie was looking for a haberdashery to make her own friendship bracelets. For this, we searched for a long time and asked a lot where we could buy yarns (“hilos” in Spanish) and that’s how we had the idea to call our new company Hilos. The problem is that the domain name was already taken by someone else…We then opted for with 2 i’s, which was free. 🙂

What gave you the idea to create these clasps?

For this, Marie liked to finish her creations with magnetic clasps. She thought it was stylish and practical. Unfortunately, she found that the market clasps were not practical at all to stick on her bracelets and in addition, they were heavy.

At the same time, Marie would have liked to be able to mix the links/rows of her cuffs with each other but as the clasps were glued together this was not possible. That’s how one day I started thinking about making the perfect clasp for my wife and marketing it. After 1 year of work and the creation of many prototypes, we patented our clasp and launched its manufacture in our region of the French Alps.

Do you make your own jewelry? What are your favorite techniques?

Marie makes 100% of our interchangeable bracelets and I take care of the clasps. I sort the clasps, glue the magnets, and condition the products.

Marie particularly likes to make bracelets with all kinds of materials: pearls, cowries, charms, heishi, Tila beads, chains, leather, ribbons, cords, etc.

How did you start making jewelry?

Marie started jewelry as a DIY activity about 10 years ago. She began by making friendship bracelets, beaded woven bracelets, but especially multi-row cuffs.

What are your favorite kinds of bracelets to combine with the clasps?

With our clasps we like to combine all materials. Everything is possible. 🙂 All you need is creativity.

What tips or advice would you give to someone using these clasps for the first time?

Try them 🙂
Our clasps are easy and convenient to use. They are lightweight and of very good quality and adapt to all types of materials.

Even more Hiilos Clasps Inspiration

Need more Hiilos inspiration? Check out all of our YouTube videos in our Hiilos Clasps video playlist. You’ll see beautiful jewelry made with the clasps and learn how to finish different bracelet strands for the clasps, such as peyote stitch bands, chain strands, beaded strands, and more. Then, make sure to shop these clasps at to start making your own interchangeable bracelets.

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