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Artisan Glass

Our lampwork beads are some of our favorite pieces, not only because of their beauty but because each one is made by hand. In a sense, these beads are small works of art! Each lampwork artist trains to master their craft, and having to work on such a small canvas takes a lot of dedication. […]


Lampwork Artist Profile – Terri Caspary

Terri Caspary has been making beads since 1999, but has been an artist all her life. Her lampwork beads are incredibly detailed and always changing. With each new bead she designs, Terri learns more about form, color and the mysterious beauty of glass. As she molds and shapes the decorative beads, she enjoys watching their […]


Grace Lampwork Beads

These lampwork beads make great focal pieces because of their hand-crafted appearance, gorgeous coloring, detailing and size. Grace lampwork beads are made with precision in the USA and annealed overnight, making them far more durable than other glass beads. carries a wide variety of Grace lampwork beads, and these are just a small sampling […]