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Sapphire – September’s Birthstone

How lucky for anyone born in this early autumn month! Your birthstone is the gorgeous sapphire. With its dramatic deep blue hue this sparkling stone is an old symbol of good luck for those born in September. In fact, sapphire means “clear thinking.” Here’s a short poem written from the Gregorian calendar from which our […]


Peridot – The Magical Birthstone of August

It’s time to celebrate this month’s birthstone: Peridot. This lovely green stone has had a colorful past with many magical qualities. Peridot has been a vibrant part of history since the Egyptians. In fact, this gemstone was said to be a favorite with Cleopatra. Some believe the emeralds she wore in her jewelry were actually […]


An Overview of Birthstones

Some months seem to change their birthstone colors from year to year, which can pose a challenge if you’re planning to make jewelry to celebrating a particular month. The American Gem Society has put together a list of traditional birthstones for each month, and what the color is supposed to represent. Each gem has a […]