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Frightful Halloween Ideas

If you’re gearing up for a Halloween party and looking for some inspiring designs, be sure to explore the new free Halloween Swarovski instruction guides. You’ll find designs for spooky cards to send your friends, along with dangling bats, glowing lanterns and glittering pendants. The Swarovski crystals in these designs draw the eye and enhance […]


The History of the Valentine’s Day Card

While modern mass-produced Valentine’s Day cards generally offer little more than a standard greeting and a few words of affection, the first Valentine’s were ornate, handmade treasures filled with verses of poetry and sentimental notions. The road from romance to commercialization has been a long one. The oldest known Valentine in existence was written by […]


Holiday Cards and Tags

Paper can be expensive and cards even more so. We made three cards and four tags with our Scrap Pad To Go and barely made a dent in it. The paper is beautiful and comes with easy to use die-cut tags, sayings and more. You can easily make dozens of cards and tags with one […]