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DesignerFest: Day Seven – Hill Tribe Silver

Our Hill Tribe silver products all come from the Karen tribe in northern Thailand. This tribe is among one of the largest main tribes in this region, where they continue the silver smith tradition. Before the Karen people established this successful means of income, most of the community participated in growing opium. This was the […]


DesignerFest: Day Four – Paula Radke

Paula Radke knew since she was in 4th grade that she wanted to be an artist. Growing up and still residing in Morro Bay, CA, she took art classes for every year of school, from kindergarten all the way through high school. But it was when she was in her 4th grade art class that […]


DesignerFest: Day Three – Lilly Pilly Designs

Lillypilly Designs offer unique hand-crafted products with a fun twist. Because of her love of natural elements, creator Heidi Viau decided to make her own etched designs. In 2003, Heidi created Lillypilly Designs, a concept that sprouted from her small art studio in Colorado. All of her products today still come from that studio, too! […]