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Dog Costume Fashion Show

Our Learning Center team is always trying to create unique designs to inspire our customers. This time our designers had fun creating Halloween costumes for some of our employees’ dogs. You can imagine the rambunctious set with six puppies who were all so excited to see each other and be the center of attention. But […]


Moki the Magnificent

We purchased a doggie t-shirt at our local pet store and made it magnificent for Moki, a sweet and always happy Goldendoodle. Moki loves to romp at the park with his friend Justy, and he can’t pass up a good mud puddle without diving in. Shirt off first please, Moki! To wind down, he likes […]

CONTINUE READING Handy Tip – Metal Stamping

The charm of hand stamping is it’s random organic look, not precise or machine made. The letters and symbols not aligned perfectly is its appeal. However, there are mistakes that can take you from organic to ruined, so here are a few tips to help. You can also find this Handy Tip in the Learning […]