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Our Favorite TV Moms

Remember coming home and planting yourself in front of the TV to watch your favorite characters get into crazy situations, all which could be solved in 30 minutes? (If only all our problems took 30 minutes or less to solve—it’d be easier than ordering a pizza!) The main characters could always depend on their mom […]


Artbeads Style Scene

Have you seen one of your favorite Artbeads designs grace the pages of a magazine? Do you browse our Learning Center and see a familiar design? Check out all of our designs as seen in magazines, all with FREE instructions and a list of products used so you can re-create your favorites. Make a stylish […]


Happy Jewel Day

Artbeads would like to wish you all a happy Jewel Day! Not sure how to celebrate? Let’s explore this holiday more and show you how you can honor this special day for jewelers. This holiday was created as a day to give or receive jewelry. It doesn’t have to be about a guy giving his […]