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Get Inspired by Grace Lampwork Beads and Meet Grace Ma, the Artist Behind the Brand

Handmade Beads from Grace Lampwork

Grace Lampwork Beads offers amazing handmade glass lampwork beads that immediately catch the eye, whether they are used in jewelry or sitting on a bead mat, waiting to be used. Grace Ma, the founder of Grace Lampwork Beads and a self-taught lampworker, says, “With my beads, you can turn them into a piece of beautiful […]


Introducing Unicorne Beads!

Be sure you check out some of our newest products: Unicorne Beads! These handmade glass beads are produced using a lampworking process, so each one is slightly different in appearance—making your collection truly unique. Some of our Unicorne Beads feature glittery dichroic components to give your jewelry extra sparkle, too. From coin beads to seahorses, […]