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Mrs. Kensington’s Mod Summer Cat Collar

Mrs. Kensington is my son’s cat. Her favorite things are watching the sparrows fly back and forth to their new nest on the back porch, eating, hiding under the bed waiting to strike at the unsuspecting dog, eating, nipping at the heals of our other two cats and did I say eating? Her collar was […]


Moki and Niña Photo Shoot

We recently had some of our favorite animals come in for a photo shoot to model some new pet-themed designs. We filmed all the exciting action as the dogs Moki and Nina posed in front of the camera showing off their embellished apparel. Check out the video, and watch as we struggle to keep their […]


Moki the Magnificent

We purchased a doggie t-shirt at our local pet store and made it magnificent for Moki, a sweet and always happy Goldendoodle. Moki loves to romp at the park with his friend Justy, and he can’t pass up a good mud puddle without diving in. Shirt off first please, Moki! To wind down, he likes […]