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Spring Break Fashion and Fun

Be honest—when you think Spring Break, what do you think of? Is it bikini-clad coeds at the beach? When you read the title of this blog, did you think we were going to show you some beads gone wild? Have no fear! We’re actually here to go over fashion for the non-traditional spring breaks, and […]


Today is Card Playing Day

Just a few days after Christmas is the perfect time to spend quiet, quality time with your family and friends. The excitement of the holidays is winding down, as we settle in for a season of indoor activities. Card Playing Day, celebrated every December 28, is meant for you to spend an hour or two […]


April Showers…Indoor Fun!

Spring is a time of change, and unfortunately, sometimes change comes with rain. We always enjoy the beautiful creations that come from fresh spring rain, but it’s not always convenient to go outside and admire them. When you get rained in, grab the kids and find fun stuff to do inside that everyone will enjoy! […]