Magic Finding Giveaway

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The Magic Finding plier tool is one of the best jewelry making essentials out there, and when paired with the magic finding components, you can create multi-stranded designs with professional polish and feel. This multipurpose finding is a simple and fun way to create multi-strand jewelry designs without the need for countless crimp tubes. The round finding features seven small openings in its center, which allows you to thread up to seven strands at once in a necklace, bracelet or earring design and with the Magic Finding pliers you can clamp down on all of the openings at once for a good, even hold every time.

Now hereโ€™s your chance to win both the Magic Finding pliers and a bundle of multipurpose findings with our Magic Finding Giveaway! All you have to do is leave a comment on the blog telling us what magical jewelry design you would create. Use your imagination to come up with an incredible new idea. Two winners will be randomly selected to win this amazing prize.

If you need help sparking some inspiration, head on over to the Learning Center to read our Handy Tip on how to use a Magic Finding.

No purchase necessary, must be 18 or older to enter. Please one comment per person. Odds of winning depend on number of entries. Void where prohibited by law. Contest valid in the US and Canada only excluding Quebec. Prizes valued at $50 each. This contest runs from tonight, Wednesday, February 29, 2012 and ends Tuesday, March 6, 2012 at 11:59PM PT. Winner will be announced Wednesday, March 7, 2012.

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  1. I’ve been eyeing this product for a while. How cool it would be to actually win it! Love multi-strand necklaces and bracelets and can imagine myself using it for a zillion projects!

    • lisa
    • March 6, 2012

    if i won this i would for sure use it!

    • Patricia Deeley
    • March 6, 2012

    cant wait to try this tool

    • Kristy
    • March 6, 2012

    This would be great to use for mothers bracelets or any multistrand bracelet! Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. I’d love to try these out!!! They look really useful!

    • Lisa
    • March 6, 2012

    Great Idea! Would love to create some beautiful things with this tool!

    • christine conrad
    • March 6, 2012

    I would love to use it w/heavier beads so when I have to double strand, the ends won’t looks so unprofessional and a mess. Other than that, just work up some new creations in the necklace and bracelet dept!!

  3. I would make a multi strand necklace with polymer clay, maybe a solar system necklace. Or a 5 strand necklace with polymer clay clouds at the top, then lightning bolts and raindrops at the bottom. ๐Ÿ˜€ That would be so beautiful ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Erica Floyd
    • March 6, 2012

    I would use this to make beautiful, beautiful necklaces!

    • Erin Z
    • March 6, 2012

    I would create magical branches with beading wire and crystals, with charms/beads in fairy, bird, and bug shapes.

    • Jeanette
    • March 6, 2012

    Something NEW and unique! So many ideas popping into my head!!

    • Jeanne J
    • March 6, 2012

    multi-stranded pieces is something I’d really like to try but have been intimidated..this really makes it look easier..thanks so much for the chance to win! yay for craft month ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Julie Bogrett
    • March 6, 2012

    I find the tool interesting and after trying to make multi strand necklaces and bracelets, and failing miserably. It would probably make my life easier and add to the designs I can make for family and friends/

    • Alison Sherman
    • March 6, 2012

    I have a lovely cascading necklace in mind, to commemorate a recent weekend spent with lovely Spanish horses…beautiful.

  4. I’d love the idea of using it for multi-strand pieces…I think it would simplify it tenfold!!

    • Wendi Heredia
    • March 6, 2012

    I would love to use these in classes that I teach on how to make bracelets. I think the ladies I teach would love them… I personally would use them to make a wedding necklace I am making for a friend!

    • Glenda Slinger
    • March 6, 2012

    I would love to have a pair of those pliers, it makes the jewelry look so professional. I volunteer at our hospital gift shop and make many things to put in there. Would love to have them looking professional. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  5. These pliers and the mu;ti-purpose findings could make my life so much simpler! I have been making several bead & gemstone 2, 3 and 4 strand necklaces with a signle strand neck line. This could make the transition so much simpler!

    • Friii
    • March 6, 2012

    Oh!!! The posibilities are endless but i guess a necklace or a bracelet for my mom for mother’s day ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Sue
    • March 6, 2012

    I am always looking for new ways to improve the quality of my work. This new tool and technique looks very promising.

  6. GASP! I love this! I am working on some gorgeous pieces with big, bauble-y beads and this would be so amazing!

    • Candace
    • March 6, 2012

    I would love to make a multi strand beaded headband for my 7 month old baby girl! She’d look so precious!

    • kara
    • March 6, 2012

    please please please please let me win this!!!
    i’ve been wanting to try one of these things out!! too many ideas running thru my brain!! guess i’d start with a multi strand necklace for my mom for mothers day!!

    • Laura Slivinski
    • March 6, 2012

    I can see many multi-strand pieces becoming much easier!

    • Kcmay1
    • March 6, 2012

    WOW! This would sure help finish the necklace I’m making to wear to my wedding in April!

  7. Would love to use this to make a few multi-strand pendulums and bracelets!

    • Laura
    • March 6, 2012

    I would love to play more with making multi-strand bracelets. This would make it so much easier.

    • Serena Garland
    • March 6, 2012

    I just recently purchased a huge amount of 8mm pearls and this tool would come in handy to make multi-strand Pearl Necklaces. Awesome give-away!

  8. I’d make something with multi strands, of course! It’s always fu to try something new. Projects always come out best when you have the right tool for the job!

  9. I have been designing my own patterns and have designed a cross that I have named after my late Mother-in-Law called “Charlcie’s Cross”, I would love to create a necklace to go with the cross pendant.

  10. I love beading & would use these great pieces to make some great wearable pieces! Jewelry IS a girls best friend!

    • Kel
    • March 6, 2012

    Finally a tool to help make my lovely Jill Simons lampwork and Elaine Ray beads into a more intriquite design! Sometimes my hands tire quickly due to chronic pain!

  11. This tool will clearly get rid of the confusion I have when trying to combine more than one strand in a piece of jewelry!

    • Sarah Shumate
    • March 6, 2012

    I would love to be able to tackle multi strand projects more easily!!!

    • Mandy
    • March 6, 2012

    It would be a new addtion to my tool box, have seen demos on it but havent managed to get hold of one. I promise it will have a good home xx

    • Vicki V
    • March 6, 2012

    Seems to be the perfect tool to finish the design on my bead board – vintage Swarovski. No worries of the crimps not being properly done and letting go over the dreaded concrete floor of my studio. Always figure that if I make it to a softer floor I’ve done a decent job of crimping!

    • Tammy
    • March 6, 2012

    That’s a dream tool for me .It would sure help me with my Summer Collection.Uplifting Colorful Jewelry for Spoonies!

    • Dale Subitch
    • March 6, 2012

    The Magic Findings & Tool would definitely be a fabulous Birthday gift!! One that Iโ€™d love to receive! And it is almost my birthday! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Gloria Patterson
    • March 6, 2012

    I want to make a multi strand asymetrical necklace. What a cool tool! I may have to invest in one if I don’t win this one!

    • Kathleen Bruski
    • March 6, 2012

    Wow, what I could do with this tool!?! Would love to win it, but might have to purchase it, if not.

  12. I have always wanted a multistrand pearl necklace. These findings and tool would make it so easy.

    • Joy
    • March 6, 2012

    This would be absolutely perfect for creating multi-strand illusion necklaces! I often find that the “invisible” and “weightless” nature of illusion jewelry is spoiled by too many crimp beads and findings that are too bulky and noticeable. The Magic Finding would solve all these problems! What a great addition to a beader’s toolkit.

    • Karin
    • March 6, 2012

    I love making multi-strand bracelets and necklaces of sterling silver, pearls and crystals. The Magic Finding would take hours off the finishing time. It is a great idea and can’t wait to get one.

    • Ann porter
    • March 6, 2012

    I would use this to make crystal car jewelry to hang from the rear view mirror!

    • Mili
    • March 6, 2012

    Would love having my very own tools to make jewelry…always borrowing my friends tools..enjoy so much making earrings, bracelets and necklaces – what a perfect tool to call my very own.

  13. I would love to win this to try some multi layer necklaces!

    • Heather
    • March 6, 2012

    I would use this to make thyroid cancer awareness jewelry. Many people are not aware of all of the many things people face with thyroid cancer. Is is not the easy cancer for all. Take it from me, I was in isolation for 22 days after my first treatment. I would love to send jewelry to those affected by the disease, to let them know I understand, and they are not fighting alone.

    • Nancy
    • March 6, 2012

    The Magic Finding Tool is the coolest thing I have seen! I love making jewelry – which I make mostly for members of my family and friends. Using this tool would save countless hours creating the multi-strand necklaces/bracelets that are the most fun to design and give to people. Every Tool Counts!!

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