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Top Rated Tools & Supplies

Having the right tools on hand can make all the difference in the look and quality of a jewelry design or craft project. To help you find just the right tools, has recently added a tools and supplies section to their top rated page. These tools are the ones that customers have found most […]


Getting Started With Tools

Learn the basic tools you’ll need to start creating jewelry designs while browsing through our brand new How to Get Started with Tools section. Whether you’re attaching rhinestones to fabric or stringing gemstones on wire, you’ll learn the tools you need to get started creating stunning pieces. This section is particularly helpful for beginners who […]


How to Get Started with Earrings

Learning to create jewelry designs can be tricky at times. From discovering which tools you’ll need to start, to knowing exactly which techniques are involved in creating a design, the process can be confusing. We’ve tried to make the process simpler with our new How to Get Started with Earrings page. Here you’ll learn the […]