Tucson – A First-Timer’s Look

The Tucson Gem and Jewelry show is the premier event of the year for anyone in the business of making jewelry or other artistic creations that include beads, gems, minerals or fossils. Tucson’s hotels open up to host a wide variety of vendors creating mini stores for the thousands of attendees to browse through. With about 50 separate shows, over 3,000 vendors and artists exhibiting their work it’s an experience not to miss for the bead enthusiast.

Imagine standing among a sea of pearls spread out among tables that span 50 feet by 50 feet. Now picture that in a tent the size of two football fields that is also packed with similar displays of glass beads, gemstones, silver findings and finished jewelry of every kind. It was truly amazing. And as if that wasn’t enough, know that this was only the first tent at one event. A similar spectacle was found in just about every hotel, meeting hall, parking lot and community center throughout Tucson. One minute I was squeezing through a two-room hotel suite blanketed with thousands of Venetian Glass Beads and the next I walking through parking lots filled with temporary tents containing tables of crystals, meteorites, carvings and beads from every corner of the world. If there was one thing the experience taught me about the world of beads and jewelry supplies it would be how important it is to have a guide you can trust. Someone to keep you away from the trash and show you the treasures. Fortunately, I had some great guides by my side and I’m happy to say the same is true for our customers.

Steve Groenier, VP Search Marketing & Customer Service

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    Simply mindboggling . . . .

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    holly crap that’s alot of beads. Wish I could be there

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    The first year I attended, I was so overwhelmed after 2 full days that I actually had to leave town. My senses were so overloaded it was a physical meltdown.

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