Japanese Lanterns

Necklace design be Artbeads.com customer Lynda Moseley
The necklace is titled “Japanese Lanterns” and also features a polymer clay pendant created by me using an image transfer technique.  The image depicted is of a vintage Japanese woodcut.  I was drawn to the colorful graphics, but it sat on my worktable for weeks while I searched for the perfect gemstones to complete the necklace design.   Beads I picked up had too much cherry red in them, and I felt it needed something in the Chinese red family of orange-reds, or possibly a chameleon bead that would adapt to more than one color palette.  I knew I found that when I saw the Salmon/Peridot Czech glass rondelles!  They are perfect accents and bring out the reds in the pendant.

Thank you so much!

– By Artbeads.com customer Lynda

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    Wow, this necklace is beautiful! I especially love the pendant. I am huge into asian culture, so this necklace is one of my favs that I’ve seen in awhile =]

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    Lovely necklace! Congrats Lynda for being featured! Beautiful work as always!

    • Donna Jo
    • October 8, 2009

    I absolutely LOVE the pendent… Are you going to be selling them on your etsy site?

    • DB
    • October 8, 2009

    beautiful! congrats on the good work. i can’t ever seem to get image transfer to work for me.

    • Anne
    • October 8, 2009

    Lovely pendant, Lynda. I am also a native SC gal and I do some beading myself, but not polymer clay. Do you have a tutorial for making the image transfers? I do not sell the things I make, so would not be a competitor. Your pendants have a beautiful finish; I’d love to know how you made them.
    Thank you.
    Anne Smith

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    This piece is beautiful. I love the vintage Chinese scene. So unique!

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    Oh, my! What a lovely way to end a very bad work week. Thank you so much for featuring my necklace!

    And thank you, ladies, for your kind comments!

    Donna Jo, I would be happy to make a pendant for you with this image. Send me a convo at the etsy shop and we’ll talk, okay?

    Anne, howdy neighbor! Are you in the upcountry or the lowcountry? I’m a lowcountry gal myself. I would be happy to give you some pointers on image transfers. There are some really good tutorials online, but I’m happy to help!

    Thanks again, everyone!

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    You definitely found the right color match for the Japanese scene! I love that pendant.

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    love the pendant is it on your site for sale and ho much.

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    Thank you so much, Kokopelli.

    Sharon, please email me at the shop and I’ll give you the details. Thanks!

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    Stunning, great job on the polymer clay piece, isn’t polymer clay awesome?
    Masterful color combinations, I’m going to check out your shop!

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