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Mixed Media

Often referred to as assemblage art or collage, mixed media projects are eclectic works combining pieces from a variety of mediums together into one collaborative work of art. Whether you make steampunk or paper crafts, have a desire to reuse vintage pieces or simply want to create a completely original, modern design, you’ll find everything you need on our mixed media pages. Creating mixed media pieces is a great way to use up a wide variety of items that you may have sitting around your studio space, but finding the perfect components to bring all of these pieces together can become tricky. That’s why Artbeads.com has created a new mixed media page that brings you a wide variety of items you might consider using in these diverse projects. You can use picture frames and ICE Resin®, collage sheets and buttons, or any variety of products on these pages to create a unique piece that cannot be replicated. No matter your combination, you’re sure to be inspired by the wide variety of items found on our Mixed Media page. Also, make sure to check out our Handy Tip Section to learn important techniques that you’ll need to know to complete your designs.

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