New Products This Week

We’ve just launched new products this week, so check them out now! If you’re looking for a new material to try out, browse the new additions to Sassy Silkies. The hand-painted beads are shaped like scrolls and are made out of silk. The material may look fragile, but it’s actually quite durable! Each bead has hand-painted writing, giving it detail you can only get from silk! We’ve also just received a new collection from TierraCast® if you’re in need of pewter products. TierraCast® pewter is nice because it’s 100% lead free and comes in many different finishes! From antique gold to black, you can create different looks by incorporating TierraCast® pewter components. We’ve recently added new gemstones, too! Create new spring ideas or plan ahead for summer and get inspired. The New Products Section of our site is constantly changing, so be sure to check back often.


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