Antoinette’s Silver-Lined Dreams

We love hearing from our customers about the success they have had turning their passion for jewelry making into a successful business. Antoinette frequently visits our Facebook page with elaborate creations from her online store, so we reached out to her and asked if she would like to tell the story of how she created a successful jewelry making business. Her heritage and her love for beading is what sparked the inspiration for her desire to turn it into success.

It started in Spring 2009 in her basement as a hobby. Antoinette says “I have always pursued activities where I could use my artistic talent. I love color and designing and my journey led me to creating my own jewelry line.” This passion for art soon turned into her starting her own business. It’s her love of both fashion trends and the desire to make every women feel beautiful that drives her to keep creating new additions for her line.

A lot of Antoinette’s inspiration also comes from her Czech roots. Often her relatives still living the Czech Republic would send her mom jewelry made from Czech crystals. Most of the time she received ones with garnet color. Antoinette recalls “I loved to look in my mom’s jewelry box and admire the unique jewelry. Some of it looked like it was fit for a queen. I guess my mom and dad named me right when they named me Antoinette.”

She likes to use high-quality silver, semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystals in her designs to ensure that her customers receive special creations. Her focus on more one-of-a-kind pieces rather than mass-produced items is what will make her looks stand above the rest. She hopes to inspire people to celebrate their uniqueness and let their beauty shine with her jewelry. We could not be more proud to help support this dream.

Browse her shop on Etsy or her personal online jewelry store. We’re happy that Antoinette was able to turn a passion into success. If you’re just starting out and looking for a way to sell your designs, check out our Seller’s Secrets page where we share helpful ways to develop your jewelry-making business.

We want to hear your story, too! Send us your jewelry design to our blog for beaders e-mail to be featured as one of our customer success stories. Share your stories and inspire others to get creative! Mail them to [email protected].


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    Thank you for the oppurtunity to be featured on your blog. Love your products and customer service.

    Antoinette Horicky

    • Suzanne Horicky
    • October 14, 2011

    I love my sisters stuff and I am not just saying that just cause she’s my sister. But I do get the added benefit of being her sister cause she gives me alot of her creations for gifts, so I’m lucky that way. But I have also sold some of her pieces to the ladies I work with. And sometime they wear them to work and I think to myself how her jewellery is so eye catching and it really compliments all the ladies so well. We all need that little extra sparkle in our life. Even one of the ladies husband who never makes comments about what she wears asked his wife, “did you get new earrings?” She sometimes wears these earrings to work & I can see why he noticed because they do really sparkle!

    • mary ann liebert
    • October 28, 2011

    I admired Antoinette’s mother’s jewelry that sparkles like she does and so I had to start buying it so I could sparkle. I get many compliments on my earrings and how they set off my clothes. Antointette is so creative with the designs and colors. I thought I had enough jewelry but she keeps creating more designs and I can’t resist. My latest acqusitions were the wineberry circle of life necklace set and wraparound bracelet. The colors are esquisite and got with all my Fall and winters clothes. I recently bought a purple coat and the clerks liked the way they picked up the purple and sparkled. What can I say but thanks Antoinette.

    • Velia McTague
    • January 5, 2014

    The concept in very intriguing…I have created a necklace using this method…now I cannot recall how to start lol….but, after seeing your picture it all came back to me…Thank you, Velia

    • Velia McTague
    • January 5, 2014

    The concept is indeed intriguing…In the past I created a necklace using this method…Someone bought it right off of me….now I cannot recall how to begin another pendant…lol….after seeing your necklace it all came back to me… Thank you, Lara’s Box

    • Velia
    • December 1, 2017

    I am certainly happy and flattered to know of your experiences regarding one of my creations. The same happened to me, bought right off while i wore it. Would love to hear more 818-856-5798 regards! LARAS BOX

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