Metal Complex Presents: The Princess and the Bead Giveaway

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Once upon a time lived Princess Beadella, who lived in the Kingdom of Caspia™ with her Father King Steampunk. Princess Beadella was an adventurous maiden, who often ventured out with her pet bead Jasper seeking fun new ways to pass her time. She was always careful to not stray too far from the kingdom for fear of getting lost in the Seed Bead Forest, where brave knights have gone never to return again.

A short time later, the King’s health began to decline. There was only one thing that would cure him for certain but existed outside the kingdom. Queen Metallite told Princess Beadella that she must venture beyond the Seed Bead Forest to retrieve the lost Swarovski crystal of Yesteryear in order to heal the King. Princess Beadella and Jasper headed out into the forest, equipped only with her handy Metal Complex stamping kit to survive…

How would Princess Beadella survive the Seed Bead Forest and return home in time?

Leave a comment below telling us how the Princess would make it through the forest and retrieve the lost Swarovski crystal. Then, click on the official contest link to be entered for a chance to win a Metal Complex prize package. Three winners will be randomly selected to win the full Metal Complex kit which includes Storybook-style metal alphabet stamps, decorative metal stamps, a ball pein hammer and hole punch as well as an assortment of metal stamping blanks.

This contest begins today, January 25, 2012, and ends Tuesday, February 7, 2012 at 11:59PM PT. Only one entry per person; must be 18 or older to enter. This contest is void where prohibited by law and open to US and Canada residents only excluding Quebec. Odds of winning depend on number of entries. Prizes valued at $350 each. No purchase necessary. Winners will be notified by e-mail and announced Wednesday, February 8. REMEMBER: To officially enter this contest you must click the link below and follow the instructions on the site.

Here’s everything you’ll receive if you win!

We will also award a special bonus prize for the best story on the blog! If your happily ever after is our favorite, you will win a $50 Artbeads gift certificate!


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    • Paula M.
    • February 5, 2012

    Princess Beadella and her pet bead Jasper crossed the Moat of Lava Beads which surrounded the kingdom and entered the Seed Bead Forest. The princess was delighted to happen upon the Stream of Peridot Nuggets, for this would serve to guide them through the forest, as well as to help them find their way back. Before they had gone very far, they encountered the Witches’ Finger Quartz Cluster, who whispered that the Swarovski Crystal of Yesteryear could be found in the Black Tourmaline Cave near the end of the Peridot Stream. But it warned that the entrance to the cave was blocked by the Guardian of Gearwheels, which creaked along endlessly, crushing any beads attempting to pass through its jaws.

    Princess Beadella clutched her Metal Complex stamping kit tightly and continued following the Stream of Peridot Nuggets. The farther she went into the forest, the duller the nuggets seemed to be. She wondered why, and decided that it must because they were so far away from the energy and activity near the castle. Finally reaching the end of the stream, she could see the gleaming crystalline mass of the Black Tourmaline Cave silhouetted against the sparkling multi-hued seed beads of the forest. The tarnished brass of the Guardian of Gearwheels shone ominously as it ground upon a hapless boulder of Iron Pyrite, spitting it out as a pile of Chain Maille. “Oh, dear,” she thought, “I must find a way to stop those wheels if I’m to enter the cave.” She stepped carefully to the outside of a gearwheel, pulled out three pewter blanks from her stamping kit, and quickly wedged them between the moving gear teeth. But alas, the blanks were too thin and weak, and the Guardian kept on grinding.

    “Why don’t you use the Chain Maille to clog the spokes?” asked Jasper. Princess Beadella said, “Why, thank you Jasper, but the pieces are too big and fat to fit. “Well, said Jasper, why not flatten them a bit with your friend Ball Pein Hammer?” Recognizing that this was a good idea, she pounded for a bit and soon produced wedges in several thicknesses. The first two proved too thick to fit between the cogs, but the princess was able to hammer the third one quickly between two of the teeth before the gear turned too far for her to reach it. In a few moments, her efforts were rewarded as the Guardian of Gearwheels creaked to a halt. “Oh, thank you, Jasper, cried the Princess, “You’re truly a Jewel of a Bead!”

    Princess Beadella and Jasper ran into the Dark-as-Night-ness of the Black Tourmaline Cave. The princess clutched Ball Pein Hammer tightly in case there were other Guardians of Precious Gems to be overcome. She could see nothing, so she told Jasper to stay close by, as much for the little bead’s protection as for keeping the Princess from being afraid. She called out a greeting to the Swarovski Crystal of Yesteryear, hoping for a clue to its location. Immediately, an Aurora of Brilliance began to form in the roof of the cave and to spread downward. From it a soft voice intoned, “Welcome. Witches’ Finger appeared in my dream and told me you were coming. I am honored that you have awakened me from Eons of Sleep in order to heal King Steampunk. Let us go to him now.” The Crystal could now be seen more clearly, an awesome array of multicolored facets with an abundance of green, moving toward the cave’s entrance.

    As they left the cave, Beadella said, “I feel sad for the Guardian of Gearwheels. His job of many years is now done.” She picked up one of the flattened wedges she had left by the entrance, reached into her tool kit for her Fanciful Letter Stamps, and pounded “Thank you” into the Iron Pyrite Wedge, which became so energized from the pounding that it was able to stand upright in front of the Guardian of Gearwheels so that he would know from that time forward that his efforts had been appreciated.

    It was getting very dark in the Seed Bead Forest. “Oh, dear,” said Princess Beadella to the Swarovski Crystal of Yesteryear. “It has been a long time since you have been in the forest. Do you remember the way to the castle?” “Yes,” said the Swarovski, “ You follow the Stream of Peridot. We are standing at the end of it. Since it is too dark to see its path, we must strike some of its pebbles so that it will resonate with me.” Princess Beadella didn’t understand the reason, but she began striking stones with Ball Pein Hammer. The Peridot Nuggets began to glow magically with a greenish light from within. The Princess turned to see that the Swarovski Crystal was now throwing off showers of sparks. “You see,” she said, “my Empathic Emerald Sparks of Healing are activated by striking the stone in need of energy. The stone which is in need lights up as it is touched by the sparks and it is healed. As the Peridot Stream is healed from its Many Years of Inactivity, we will use its glow to find our way to the castle.”

    After hearing this, Princess Beadella was anxious to get home. She was excited to know that her father would be well very soon.

    • Liz
    • February 6, 2012

    Night had fallen after Princess Beadella trudged through seed beads up to her shins for hours. Her legs ached and her arms throbbed after having to carry Jasper too. Utterly exhausted, Princess Beadella flopped herself down. “I need a real plan,” she thought. If only I had a path to follow, surely life would be easier. It was then that she saw a dim light just beyond a mound of iridescent seed beads. She saw a tall muscular beautiful man standing over a fire.
    She quietly stood watching him for a moment, trying to decide if he could be friend or foe, but then Jasper barked because his stomach grumbled–he thought there was food at the fire. As the man came toward them, Princess Beadella reached inside her Metal Complex kit and grabbed the ball-peen hammer. She thought if the man turned out to be a masher she could smack him with it, but when he came closer she realized it was Sir Chainmail, one of the missing gallant knights from Kingdom CaspiaTM.
    Sir Chainmail explained that he’d just escaped from the Evil Twineball who was also keeping the other knights captive. Princess Beadella then explained her problem about her poor sick father and getting the Swarovski Crystal of Yesteryear to cure him.
    They went back to the fire and decided that two heads were better than one and came up with a plan to save King Steampunk and free the other knights. They worked tirelessly through the night while Jasper kept an eye out for Evil Twineball between naps. By morning they had melted all the chainmail from the armor and most of the metal stamps. They had made three very special things, and now it was time to put those things to work.
    First, Sir Chainmail and Princess Beadella zipped a pair of skates on their feet. They made these out of the pouches from Princess’s metal kit. The sturdy metal runners welded to the bottoms of them were two alphabet stamps. After that, Sir Chainmail lit a benzomatic torch. They had made it also from a few metal items from the kit. Sir Chainmail hurriedly melted long stretches of beads. In no time he had made a road for them to skate on. With Jasper safely strapped to Princess Beadela’s back, they whizzed through the forest on their skates until the Evil Twineball appeared and stopped them.
    But, Princess Beadella quickly defended them with the final item they’d made. She revved up a super charged bead blower and blew zillions of seed beads at Evil Twineball and sent the frayed Evil Twineball flying into orbit. They freed the captive knights, giving them engraved heart charms for their maidens who had been waiting patiently for them to return home.
    Sir Chainmail and Princess Beadella went on their journey beyond Seed Bead Forest. They got the Crystal of Yesteryear. Then gracefully they held hands through the forest, skating toward the Kingdom of CaspiaTM leaving an inscription on the trail behind them which read “Bead Happily Ever After.”

    The End

    • Deb Baverstock
    • February 6, 2012

    Princess Beadella and her pet bead Jasper wondered through the forest lost until they came upon Jasper long lost cousin Opal. Opal led them to the village of the knights. This is where all the nights who and entered the and been unable to get out had being living. Working together the knights had figured out the location of the lost Swarovski crystal of Yesteryear. However, the entrance to the location required a key and the knights did not have the tools to make one. The knights taught her how to use the Complex Metal Stamping kit to make the key for the door to the room that held the crystal and they all went to retrieve it. After they got the crystal they met an old wizard who gave them a spell to get out the forest. The Princess was not only able to retrieve the crystal but she was also able to rescue all the knights who had been trapped in Seed Beed Forest.

  1. Reply

    Why the princess would mark the trail with her handy Metal Complex stamping kit so that prince and his army could follow and assist her with her endeavors…

    • Bonnie
    • February 6, 2012

    The journey was long and difficult and in order to recite it properly would require intricate details that would surely bore any reader. Suffice it to say that Princess Beadella became a master of stamping and met her true love along the way, and Jasper emerged a hero. The Swarovski crystal of Yesteryear was retrieved by the heroic group and the King’s health was restored. The kingdom celebrated for a long time to come!

    • Rebecca Feiner
    • February 6, 2012

    When she entered the forest, she thought to herself, I’ll leave a trail to mark my way home. She stamped three leaves on the first tree along the way. Suddenly, a group of Dryads sprang forth from the trees – “Wait, why does Elm have a lovely stamped necklet, and we have none?” There were so many trees which wanted fine stamped jewelry that Princess Beadella feared she would never get out of the forest. I know, she thought, let’s use this to our advantage. “My dearest trees,” she said, “I will promise to stamp each and every one of you if only you will help me to retrieve the crystal I need to heal my poor father. I do not know my way through the forest.” “Oh my,” cried the trees, and one spirit stepped forth and said “We can certainly help!” The trees called down a wind spirit which picked up the little princess and whisked her over the woods to the home of the crystal, then back again in a trice! The princess gave the crystal to the King and then returned to the forest where she stamped each and every tree with a new necklet. Thankfully, she thought, stamping is fun!

    • Mallory
    • February 6, 2012

    Princess Beadella was indeed a very smart girl and she knew that you can do anything if you just belive in yourself so she took two blank hearts and stamped one with the word fearless and one with belive and used them as shields to make her way through the seed bead forest and found the cystals she needed to save her father. When she returned to the kingdom all the people of the land, from knights to peasants thought she posessed some kind of magical power for how else could she have gotten through the dreaded Seed Bead Forest and knights from her kingdom and others nearby were offering her great sums of money for her “spells”. Being a princess Beadella didn’t need the money and one day while walking with Jasper trying to decide what to do she met a peasant girl hammering an old piece of metal and asked her what she was doing the girl replyed that she didn’t have any toys so this is how she played. This gave Beadella an idea and she rushed back to the castle to gather her Metal Complex stamping kit and taught the pesent girl how to make the “magic” shields and told her father the king to make an announcment that it was the peasent girl that had given her the magic. So not only did Beadella save her father with nothing but courage and possative thinking she used her power to not help herself but a family in need making her by far the richest person in the world.

    • Seaneen
    • February 6, 2012

    Princess Beadella discovers her Metal Complex stamping kit is enchanted, and by stamping words of objects she needs they appear before her! She easily manages to navigate the Seed Bead Forest, obtains the healing crystal, and returns in time to heal her father.

    • Reena
    • February 6, 2012

    Upon realizing the task ahead, Princess Beadella took her kit, a few other items and Jasper, and started into the Seed Bead Forest. Using the ball pein hammer and stamps, Princess Beadella would leave a trail so she could return quickly after finding the lost Crystal of Yesteryear! Along the way she was stopped and captured by the Tangled Solders of the Forest. Fortunately, Jasper was able to hide from the soldiers, and followed them to see where they were taking Princess Beadella. Jasper snuck into the dungeon when a Tangled Solder took food to the Princess. Princess Beadella was so happy to see Jasper! Princess Beadella came up with a plan to make the most beautiful crown for the Queen of the Seed Bead Forest. She would send Jasper out into the forest to collect as many colorful seed beads and gems he could find. Using the many colors and different seed beads and gems, she used her bead board she brought with her, to lay out the most intricate pattern for the crown. Working day and night, she finally came to a point where there was one item that she needed. She asked the Tangled Solder that was guarding her, if he knew of anything that was available to use. He was so intrigued with the beauty, style and craftsmanship of the crown, he knew there was only one item that was meant for the piece. He thought the Queen of the Seed Bead Forest should have the best. He went to the Queens quarters and retrieved the most beautiful Swarovski Crystal ever created. He knew it would complete the crown. After Princess Beadella placed the Crystal in the crown, she gave it to the Tangled Solder and asked him to take it to the Queen. The Queen was so impressed by the craftsmanship and beauty of the crown, she had Princess Beadella brought to her chambers. With gratitude for the gift that was presented to her, she let Princess Beadella free and asked her what she could do to help her. After finding out about the danger that her father was in, she had Princess Beadella take her to the King. With the new crown upon the Seed Bead Forest Queen’s head, she approached the King, took off the crown, and placed it upon the Kings head. Within minuets the King regained his health. The Queen of the Seed Bead Forest explained that the beautiful Swarovski bead that Princess Beadella used to finish the crown, was the lost Swarovski Crystal of Yesteryear. Queen Metallite was so grateful to the Queen of the Seed Bead Forest for sharing her crown to save the life of King Steampunk, she declared the day, The Day of the Good Neighbor! The King returned the crown back to the Queen of the Seed Bead Forest and invited her to be the guest of honor along with Princess Beadella and her dog Jasper, to the ball that would be held that evening. From that day forward, no one had to fear the Seed Bead Forest, and everyone lived happily ever after! Remember…always be a good neighbor!

    • Debbie
    • February 6, 2012

    wow…I can’t think of a thing…
    She fell asleep and when she awoke…found it to all be a dream….

    • Sherry
    • February 6, 2012

    Princess Beadella was indeed very crafty! She thought of a plan to get herself and Jasper through the forest safely. Her trusty Metal complex kit would help her. She could use the stamps to help mark her way! If a monster were threaten them, she could use the ball pein hammer as a weapon! She could even use the kit to make some trinkets to persuade anyone who blocked their way. She just needed to get that Swarovki crystal to help her father! As they started off into the forest, it got really foggy. Jasper helped her along the way. As the fog lifted, they spotted a small dragon. He was sleeping so they had to be very quiet to get past him. As they came upon him, he stirred. Instantly, he woke up and spotted them. They took a step back and became very scared! The dragon studied them as they stood there. Princess Beadella did some fast thinking. She pulled out the ball pein hammer and held it in her hand. But the more she looked at the dragon, the cuter he was! As he got closer she made up her mind that she wasn’t going to use the ball pein hammer. We he got right up to her, she did the first thing that came to mind-she kissed him! Immediately there was smoke! When the smoke cleared, the dragon was gone! Instead, in the dragon’s place was a very handsome prince. In the prince’s hand was the most beautiful Swarovski crystal she had every seen! “You have set me free” said the prince. He held out his hand and gave her the crystal. “This belongs to you!” She touched his hand and they both looked deep into each other’s eyes. The princess was very surprised. The prince was very handsome and she immediately fell in love with him. She told him that the crystal would save her father’s life and that she needed to get back to him very quickly. So he escorted her back to her father and with the crystal saved her father’s life. The princess was very grateful. The prince told her that he had been looking for someone like her to set him free. Everyone else had come into the forest and was very mean to him. He asked her for her hand in marriage and they were married soon after! They were very happy! And even though she was still a princess, she still enjoyed making the most beautiful jewelry with her metal stamping kit!

    • Kristin Hughes
    • February 6, 2012

    Ah, she simply used her clever little hands to stamp one letter of her name each step she took (rather like Hansel & Gretel of storybook fame).
    Since letters can’t be eaten, once she had retrieved tha crystal, she followed those letters (in the revers, of course) back home in plenty of time to save her father!

    • Mary A Helgesen
    • February 6, 2012

    As Beadella and Jasper entered the seed bead forest, they were delighted to see all the lovely colors and textures of beads and the gorgeous bracelets and necklaces that hung from the trees. Beadella had been told to follow the path of golden pyrite rectangles occasionally marked with gold velvet ribbons. As they went deeper in the forest, the path became more and more obscured by piles of broken and ugly beads. These beads were jealous of her beautiful pet, Jasper, and scratched him to scar his beauty. Beadella tried to brush them away with a tree branch, but as she pushed them, they seemed to multiply. They tried to infect her with their unhappiness by cutting her and barring her way. Beadella picked some lovely yellow, purple, and red primroses growing nearby. By pounding the leaves and petals with her jewelry hammer, she made dyes to color the dull beads. She used tree sap to glue together the broken pieces and a rock to file away their rough edges. As she brought one bead back to a happier life, the happiness seemed to multiply magically. The previously discarded beads felt her loving care and shared it to help each other. They began to move to show the path and point the way towards the lost Swarovski crystal.
    Beadella and Jasper were hungry, but, in their haste to leave, they had not brought any food. Beadella found a string of spider’s web and stitched some bright red raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries. She shared them with a goldfinch named Pearl who told her that she must cross the River of Boring Jewelry Designs in order to reach the Kingdom of Tierracast where the lost Swarovski crystal of Yesteryear was on display. She could row straight across the river and then walk south a couple of miles. Of course, time was of great importance in order to save her father, King Steampunk, and riding the river downstream would be quicker. Beadella and Jasper did not have a boat, or even a raft, and they were not strong enough swimmers to make it to the other side. She did not know what to do, and the sky seemed to be darkening. Was there a storm ahead? Large bats flew just above her head with calls of danger, “Go back! Go back!” Beadella got out her hammer and stamped an “O” on one BAT to make a BOAT. She also stamped “ ‘n ROLL” next to some rocks to have some music for their journey.
    Beadella and Jasper climbed into the boat and started down the River of Boring Jewelry Designs. She did not know that this dull river meant death for most travelers. The boring designs would lull boaters asleep. If they missed a fork in the river, discarded gemstones would quickly form rapids followed by a steep drop. Passengers not killed by sharp rocks would drown as other discarded gemstones sought to weigh them down. Luckily, Beadella, Jasper, and Pearl remained alert with their happy singing and took the right fork in the river. Once they crossed the river, it was an easy walk to the Kingdom of Tierracast and the ZambaPro Museum of Beautiful Jewelry where the lost Swarovski crystal of Yesteryear was on display. They were concerned that the museum director, Malachite, would not let them borrow the needed crystal. However, when they met Malachite, they found he was on old friend of King Steampunk. He gave them a fine horse named Lapis Lazuli for a quicker journey home. On the way home, Beadella and Jasper rode Lapis Lazuli beside the river up to the area of calm waters for easy crossing. Knowing the tricks of the forest, and having made many friends along the way, they reached home quickly. They made it in plenty of time to give King Steampunk the healing Swarovski crystal of Yesteryear, and best wishes from his friend, Malachite. They told everyone who would listen of their adventures in the seed bead forest.

  2. Reply

    The Princess used her complex metal stamping kit to create a magikal words-pendant disk for her and jasper to fly thru the forest on safely collecting choice seed beads and the swarovski crystal from yesteryear, after which she beaded the healing necklace to place apon the king’s neck,majickally healing him. They all lived happily ever after. 😉

    • Kara
    • February 6, 2012

    As they entered the forest together, Little Jasper told the princess not to fear, for he would simply FB his Swarovski cousins for directions to Yesteryear.

    Beadella was thrilled at her little friend’s plan and into the sparkly forest they ran. Together they found the crystal of healing, and Beadella, in awe, asked its help, while kneeling…

    in its sparkling presence with tears in her eyes, and Jasper the helpful and brave bead of honor,
    said “Princess, no worries. Cheer up and arise!”
    I’ll make sure this crystal gets back to your father.

    The princess stood tall and said “Jasper, my dear”
    and whispered so quietly he couldn’t hear
    “I’ll stamp out a message to give to my daddy, but I cannot go back, and I feel so badly…”

    I’ll never be happy in any place else where colorful sparkly things fill the air. Please tell him I’ll miss him and please understand…”
    She waved him away with a fluttering hand.

    And wandering off with wide eyes (and some drooling), she lived out her days there, happily jeweling.

    • Lisa Sams
    • February 6, 2012

    She weaved a bridge of seed beads then crafted a metal toboggan with her metal stamping kit and swiftly glided across the bridge to retrieve the crystal.

    • Jean
    • February 6, 2012

    Princess Beadella seated upon her trusted horse, ZambaPro with Jasper carefully strung around her neck, reached into her beaded saddle bag and retrieved her metal complex stamping kit. Quickly she stamped the metal discs with her initials PBC (Princess Beadella of Caspia). She returned the ball pein hammer to her saddle bag and set off through the seed beaded forest, softly whispering to Jasper “I love my father, I must be brave.” As not to get lost in the dense forest she marked the trees along her path with her stamped metal discs. Many hours later Princess Beadella saw a clearing of trees. She had made it through the seed beaded forest. History foretold of an angry knight who had stolen the Swarovski crystal from her father and fled into hiding on the other side of the forest. Those who tried to seek him out were never heard from again. With this story foremost in her mind, Princess Beadella journeyed on, with only her hammer as defense and Jasper to help her feel brave. She came across a broken down wooden shack and entered it slowly. There she found the pile of bones of the fallen knight with his sword at his side and a small velvet pouch. Inside she found the Swarovski crystal of Yesteryear. She slipped it into her peyote stitched amulet bag so as to keep it close to her heart for safe keeping.
    She mounted ZambaPro and returned through the seed beaded forest following her marked trail of metal discs. Princess Beadella hurried to the castle, to her father’s side and in time the Swarovski crystal healed King Steampunk. In celebration Princess Beadella used her metal complex stamping kit to make a sign to be hung on the castle door “Long Live King Steampunk of Caspia” For many years to come King Steampunk, Queen Metallite and their daughter, Princess Beadella lived happily in their jeweled Kingdom of Caspia!

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    I’m terrible at writing.. but I gave it a shot anyway. I always wanted to try metal stamping, but couldn’t talk myself into it because of the cost. soooo.. *crosses fingers*

    Princess Beadella stepped into the forest and quickly realized, she would have a difficult time finding her way back. She always imagined the inside of the forest were rows and rows of seed beads, and they were; but to her dismay they were not rows and rows of a color here, and a color there. No, on the contrary, they were rows and rows of seed bead trees of every color, but those colors were all jumbled together. She looked at Jasper and asked “Oh, Jasper, what are we to do? How will we ever find our way through and back?”

    Jasper cocked his little beaded head sideways, and looked at her quizzically. Then he gave a bit of a smile, and looked to her pouch, then back to her, hoping she would catch on. “Of course!”, Princess Beadella exclaimed. Jasper, how could I be so dense? Aren’t you a clever little thing?” She asked.

    At once, the princess started stamping metal bits as quickly as she could, and as she and Jasper made their way through the forest, they dropped the stamped metal behind them. Clearly marking the way they had been. Once on the other side of the forest, they came to a Swarovski crystal filled river. The river went on and on with beautiful blue crystals, with little crystal fish swimming about, and even what looked like crystal rocks on the bottom. Looking the river over, first in one direction then in the other, the princess noticed the crystal waterfall. Crystals falling down, and glistening as the sun caught them. In one spot, there was an odd sort of really bright red glistening, coming from behind the waterfall. At once, she knew they were on the right trail.

    She and Jasper ran as quickly as they could to the waterfall. Once there she realized it may be difficult to get past all those falling crystals. She removed the larger sheet of metal she had been carrying, from across her back. There would be no need for stamping this one, she placed it over her head, picked jasper up, and ran through the waterfall of crystals; hearing all the little “ping ping ping” sounds as she went through to the other side.

    Once on the other side, she saw the most beautiful crystal she had ever seen. She knew in an instant it must be the Swarovski crystal of Yesteryear. She grabbed the crystal and put it in her pack, on her back. At once the whole cave started to shake. “Jasper, let’s get out of here”, she cried. Jasper jumps back up into her arms; she grabs the sheet of metal and bolts for the cave entrance again.

    Just as she emerged through the other side, she could hear the whole crystal cavern tumbling down, sparkling dust shooting through the crystal falls. “Phew, that was a close one”. She drops the sheet of metal, and heads back to the forest. She was thrilled to find all the pieces of metal she had stamped were still there. Easily showing her the way back to her home, on the other side of the forest.

    Upon returning, she found the king right where she had left him; pale, shivering, and barely hanging on. One look upon the crystal and the color came back into his cheeks. The cooks put the crystal in the pot, when they made his broths and soups, and he gained strength with every drink and bite. He slept with the crystal under his pillow at night, and during the day it was put into the window to cast a beautiful light upon his face. Within a couple of weeks the king was back on his feet, and you would never know he had even been ill. Some say, he even looked 10 years younger.

    The Kingdom rejoiced and threw a party for the Princess and her Father, and showered them with gifts made from the forests and rivers of the lands.

    • Shaiha
    • February 7, 2012

    The Princess’s pet Jasper was actually more then anyone but the Princess and himself knew. Not only was he a very wise bead but he had two secret abilities that he shared gladly with his best friend. Those abilities were that of flying and invisibility. By turning invisible and sneaking thru the Forest and then flying over the Pearl Ocean, she was able to retrieve the crystal of Yesteryear. Rushing home, she almost lost her way over the Ocean but was able to barely in time to save her father.

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    Princess Beadella was a smart cookie who knew that the only sure way through the Seed Bead Forest was to obtain a Hill Tribe Flying Carpet. She sought out the Venetian Glass Gnome who said he would give her the carpet if she could stamp out a message to his mother, the Czech Glass Gnome, telling her how much he loved her. Princess Beadella was happy to oblige, stamped the message, and obtained the Hill Tribe Flying Carpet. She soared over the Lampwork Lake, Clasp Canyon, and the Bali Bridge which lead right to the Swarovski Crystal of Yesteryear. She was able to zip on home as quick as lightening and save the king. So happy to have saved the day, she celebrated afterwards with a tropical vacation to DeCoRé Clay Bay where she sipped Cabochon Coconut drinks and ate Pewter Pizza pieces.

    • Beth
    • February 7, 2012

    The Princess and Jasper had to withstand a very strong urge to stop and inspect every bead in the seed bead forest. Fortunately they had the storybook style alphabet stamps with them. Jasper used his sharp claws to peel bark from a tree. Princess Beadella used her handy ballpein hammer to imprint the words Swarovski crystal of yesteryear on it. Then she punched a hole in the bark, found stringing material in the branches of the tree. She quickly beaded a bracelet to hang the bark on. When they felt as though they couldn’t go on they would read her bracelet and trudge on. They finally left the forest and found the magic crystal. On the way home they were most happy to have the bracelet to remind them of the importance of returning home in all good time.

    • Allison
    • February 7, 2012

    Princess Beadella and Jasper headed out into the forest, equipped only with her handy Metal Complex stamping kit to survive…

    As she entered the Seed Bead Forest, Princess Beadella knew that in order for her and Jasper to complete their quest, they must leave a trail behind them. Hoping her kit carried enough, she left a trail of stamping blanks behind her, lettered in alphabetical order. Knowing she was limited in the number of blanks, she and Jasper only left them at 20 ft intervals, it may take work to find them, but find them she would.
    After what seemed an eternity, but in reality only got her to the letter R, Princess Beadalla came to the edge of the Seed Bead Forest. No one in her kingdom had ever returned from such a distance. As she stepped out of the shadows of the Seed Bead Trees, a magnificent site greeted her. There was glittering color everywhere she looked. Jasper whimpered at the bright glittering light and hid behind Princess Beadella as she slowly walked into the crystal covered clearing.
    In all her years, she had heard of the Swavorski Crystal Fields, but had never thought to see them. Knights had traveled this way only to never return, the glitter beckoning them to never return to the Kingdom of Caspia.
    As Beadella wandered farther into the crystal fields, she noticed movement far ahead of her. Worried she wouldn’t find her entrance back into the Seed Bead Forest, Beadella continued to leave stamped markers behind her, though they were harder to find. Crossing the crystal field towards the movement, Beadella realized that she was staring at the most beautiful man she ever saw.
    Instinctively knowing that the man was important, Princess Beadella curtsied and introduced herself. ‘I am Princess Beadella, from the Kingdom of Caspia. I would be forever grateful for your help in finding the cure for my father.’
    ‘Please rise, Princess, perhaps I can be of assistance. I am Prince Bicone of the Swavorski Empire, and it is in my fields you stand. I know of King SteamPunk and Queen Metallite. Both were gracious enough to provide me food and shelter when I last passed through your kingdom. What is wrong with the King?’
    ‘He has fallen ill, and the Queen asked that I make this quest to find the Swavorski Crystal of Yesteryear. It is said to be the only thing to cure him. We can’t lose Papa to this, if there is a cure.’
    ‘You are right, Princess, the Crystal of Yesteryear will cure just about any thing that ails you. I will travel back with you and bring the crystal. Let us leave right away.’
    Weeping in gratitude, the Princess turned to find her way back, when she realized that she could not see her metal bits any longer. Crying out in anguish the Princess fell to her knees hugging her beloved Jasper.
    ‘Princess?!?! What is the matter, we are going back to save your father.’ cried Prince Bicone.
    ‘ I can not find my way,’ the Princess cried. ‘I left a trail of stamped metal bits from my pouch through the forest and through this field to make sure I could return. Now I can not see them, due to the brilliant glitter of your fields of crystals.’
    Laughing the Prince said, ‘Not to worry, my fair Princess, for I can see your metal bits among the glitter and I will help you return. We must hurry though, in order to return in time.’
    Off the two went, with Jasper running behind. The Prince gathering up all the metal bits as they ran through the fields. When they arrived at the edge of the Seed Bead Forest, the Prince noticed the letters stamped into the blanks. Asking the Princess the meaning, he was duly impressed with her method of lettering and wished for her to teach him how to stamp at a convenient time in the future.
    After entering the forest, the Princess took the lead, as she could then spot her stamped bits farther. The Prince continued to collect them, as he followed the Princess. It wasn’t long before the pair, with Jasper behind them, returned to the castle of the Kingdom.
    Queen Metallite was keeping a lookout for the Princess’ return and was hopeful when she saw the Princess and a handsome young man emerge from the forest. Immediately she went to greet the pair and learn if the quest was successful or not.
    Upon seeing the Queen, Prince Bicone immediately fell into a deep bow, showing his reverence for the Queen. ‘My lady, I have brought the Crystal of Yesteryear, in hopes that we have not arrived too late to save the King,’ stated Prince Bicone.
    ‘You have arrived in time. Please, you know the powers of the Crystal, Prince Bicone, can you please administer it and save my husband, the King?’ asked Queen Metallite.
    ‘Certainly, my Queen. Please wait until I return from his chambers, then we can sit and talk.’
    As the Prince, went into the royal chambers, the Queen had tea and scones brought for the travelers. She then had the Princess relate her story and how she came about meeting Prince Bicone. Many questions were asked, among them she asked if the Princess liked the Prince.
    ‘He is a handsome man, and very like-able. He has asked me to teach him the art of stamping with my Metallite Complex stamping kit that I carry.’
    ‘Oh my dear, I was hoping that you would meet him and get along with him. Your father and I have always hoped that the two of you would meet and later marry. What do you think?’
    Having returned from the royal chambers with the King SteamPunk by his side, the Prince overheard that last statement and question by the Queen. When the Princess replied in hopes that she and the Prince could get to know each other better, the Prince quickly made their presence known.
    ‘My dear Princess, I would dearly love if we could get to know each other and marry in the future, I ask for your hand in marriage.’
    After looking at the now healthy King SteamPunk, and Queen Metallite, Princess Beadalla cried out, ‘Yes, I will marry you.’
    The following week, after celebrating the King SteamPunk’s return of good health, the Kingdom of Caspia then celebrated the much awaited uniting of Princess Beadalla and Prince Bicone and the joining of the Kingdom of Caspia and the Swavorski Empire.
    Now there is a marked path, made with stamped metal, between the two kingdoms, that is traveled daily by all.

    • Donna Allen
    • February 7, 2012

    Princess Beadella, armed with her Metal Complex stamping kit, and Jasper began their journey to find the Swarovski Crystal of Yesteryear. As they made their way through the Seed Bead Forest, the princess noticed something glistening in what little sunlight was allowed in through the tall Seed Bead trees. As she got closer, she saw the object was a magickal ball pein hammer that she had only heard about in childhood fairytales. She tucked it carefully in her bag and continued her journey.

    Princess Beadella had only a short time to locate and return with the Swarovski Crystal of Yesterday. King Steampunk’s life depended on her so she remained focused on her mission. About that time, the wind picked up and the Seed Bead trees in the Seed Bead forest began swaying this way and that. She used her cloak to protect herself and Jasper from the brutal blows of the thrashing trees.

    Once the winds let up, Princess Beadella continued her journey. Of course, the wind storm had set her back almost three hours and she had no more time to waste.

    Using her Metal Complex stamping kit, the Princess stamped herself a magickal circle and stepped inside. Next, she took Jasper and set him at the circles center. She uttered a few words with her eyes closed. She opened them slowly and was met with a vision that showed her exactly where to find the Swarovski Crystal of Yesteryear. She gently lifted Jasper, kissed him, thanked him for his help, and continued with their journey.

    The remainder of their journey went by quickly and before the princess knew it, she and Jasper were standing on the shores of the great Swarovski lake. Noting the position of the sun, Princess Beadella took four paces to the east and six paces to the north. It was a slight shimmer but there, just under the sand, was the Swarovski Crystal of Yesteryear, visible only by the true of heart. She carefully placed the crystal in her bag and removed the magickal ball pein hammer and her trusty Metal Complex stampings. Using the ball pein hammer, she created a stamping that was the symbol of home. In a matter of seconds, Princess Beadella and Jasper were back in the Kingdom of Caspia where her father awaited her arrival.

    • Stephanie Fournier
    • February 7, 2012

    Princess Beadella was pretty freaked out….she never asked for any of this. Things were so much easier before- when she used her metal complex stamping kit out of pure joy- not life and death necessity. PB took a deep breath and looked down at jasper – “we can do this” she said.
    PB & J set out, marking the path as they ventured deeper and deeper into the seed bead forest. Her senses were heightened, she could feel the adrenaline coursing through her as she gripped tightly on the ball pean hammer. As though her body had predicted it- a clay metal ogre lunged at her. She reacted quickly and finished the job with a single strike of the hammer. PB & J moved quickly on their way, confidence growing with each step forward.
    PB & J soon came upon a gemstone hut guarded by several soldiers standing tall with shields of brass and silver. PB took out her metal throwing stars- she had various shapes and sizes to choose from. She began to throw with expert skill and aim, hitting the soldiers at they’re weak spots- they dropped like flies.
    PB & J excitedly entered the hut. There is was- the swarovski crystal of yesteryear. She tucked the crystal carefully away and headed for the door, but something stopped her…..what was that she heard? A muffled voice- someone calling to her. Was it coming from- behind the beaded curtain that divided the hut into 2 rooms? She entered with trepidation….and there sat a man, gaged bound at the wrists and ankles by hemp cord. Theirs eyes met – and she knew instantly he was a kindred spirit. She quickly released him and they sped back down the path, following the markings she had left behind.
    As the reached the edge of the forest their pace slowed slightly and they began to catch their breath.
    “Who are you?” he asked, dumbfounded by his sudden freedom and her stunning beauty.
    “I am Princess Beadella”
    “I owe you my life”
    “You owe me nothing kind pilgrim, you are free”
    “You are a precious treasure of a woman – I must tell you…. Though I am hungry and unwashed, I am not a pilgrim. I am prince Ruben of the ruby clan, north of the seed bead forest.”
    PB responded with a breathy gasp, “oh my”

    PB, J and Ruby returned to the castle with enough time to save the king. The king and queen were grateful and they sensed a spark between PB and Ruby- so they offered PB’s hand in marriage to Ruben, which he graciously accepted. The two forged their own rings and lived happily.

  5. Reply

    A little known fact: the Kingdom of Caspia is a miniature world held WITHIN the lost Swarovski Crystal of Yesteryear. For centuries the citizens of Caspia were led to believe that the Seed Bead Forest was a dank and evil place, never to be ventured into. This was a ploy by the alien beings holding the Kingdom captive, ensuring that no one would ever find out what lay beyond the forest – the sparkling walls (and spectacular facets) of the lost Swarovski Crystal of Yesteryear.

    The dire predicament of the King’s health led Princess Beadella to be more courageous than all the knights and princes of the Kingdom. She only carried a jewel encrusted sword, her Metal Complex kit, and homing doves to send messages back to the castle. The Princess outfitted Jasper with a harness of shimmering Swarovski crystals. She entered the Seed Bead Forest, forging a path with her silver sword and marking her way back with crystals picked off Jasper’s collar. As she progressed, she crafted messages with her Metal Complex equipment, sending them off on the wings of the doves to let her people know how she was faring.

    She eventually reached the end of the forest and was stopped by the Crystal of Yesteryear’s wall. And was stymied. All she could see beyond the wall was ink black space filled with billions of stars and a beautiful cobalt blue planet off in the distance. Pondering the situation she remembered an ancient story concerning Jasper – he was supposed to have a magic collar! Jasper, being the fine fellow that he is, allowed Beadella to remove the collar. Lo and behold! Engraved on the inside of the brass collar (no doubt done with a Metal Complex kit – so easy even a dog can use!) was a magic rune spell! Beadella, the top of her class in runeology, was able to translate the glyphs into English.

    An alien race had captured the Kingdom many generations in the past, so long ago that no one remembered Earth. The Crystal of Yesteryear had originally been used as a scrying tool by the aliens, then when magic fell into disfavor, they captured an Earthly Kingdom inside the crystal to be used as a toy by their alien children.

    To make a long story a little shorter, Beadella used her diamond tiara to etch the magic runes into the Crystal of Yesteryear’s wall. There was a flash of light and the smell of ozone. The encapsulating crystal disappeared and the Kingdom of Caspia was transported back to Earth. A regal Velvet Purple Swarovski crystal landed at the feet of Princess Beadella. With the spell broken and the purple crystal laid in the hands of the King, he regained his health immediately. And of course everyone and everything was returned to their normal size.

    They all lived happily ever after!

    • Becky R.
    • February 7, 2012

    Princess Beadella knew it was a race against time to retrieve the Swarovski Crystal of Yesteryear in time to save her father. She couldn’t risk getting lost in the Seed Bead Forest, as had been the fate of many brave knights in times past. She had brought with her a lovely organza bag filled with tools necessary to carry out her plan to find her way through the trees: her metal alphabet stamps, a ball pein hammer and a large collection of metal stamping blanks. She removed 14 heart-shaped blanks from her bag, and stamped the letters B-E-A-D-E-L-L-A and J-A-S-P-E-R to hang in the trees as they made their way through the forest. After a long and frightening trek through the cold, dark forest, they were finally rewarded with a view of the Caspian Sea, which marked the edge of the kingdom. Beyond the Sea, she caught a glimpse of the Jasper Mountains, birthplace of her beloved pet, Jasper, and where she believed she would find the Swarovski Crystal of Yesteryear. (He was a very special pet, and possessed the power to aid the healing of the sick; Beadella suspected his abilities were connected to the place of his birth.) Since it was close to dusk, they camped by the shore and rested before their long journey around the sea to the mountains.

    In the morning, they began their walk. It took them many days to finally reach their destination. She let Jasper lead the way to the entrance of the famous jasper bead mineshaft, which was described in ancient folklore as the heart of the Jasper Mountains. They braved the dark, damp shaft and soon saw a brilliant white light…they had found the Swarovski Crystal of Yesteryear! Adding the crystal to her organza bag, Princess Beadella and Jasper hurried their journey back around the sea. They reached the edge of the forest after days of travel, and then followed the trail of the stamped letters they had left in the trees on their first trip through the forest.

    Soon, the castle of Caspia was in sight, and Beadella rushed to her father’s side with the Swarovski Crystal of Yesteryear. He was saved! Her father would recover, the family would be together again! Brave Beadella enjoyed the love of her grateful father, mother and a devoted kingdom.

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