Introducing the TierraCast Intermix Collection

TierraCast Intermix

TierraCast is starting the new year with a wonderful collection of components. The Intermix collection features a wide array of links that work well together, as well as with other TierraCast components. This collection features texture, pattern, and organic round shapes that are reminiscent of the surface of the moon. They definitely have an intergalactic style we can’t get enough of.

The collection actually sprang from some of the textured sheet metal that was part of the development process for TierraCast’s Dulce Vida collection. Make sure to watch our Artbeads Cafe episode all about the Dulce Vida collection to see more of that line. Below, we’ve gathered some jewelry-making ideas for using the Intermix collection in your style.

Galactic Earrings

TierraCast Galactic Earrings

These earrings show off the futuristic fun of this collection very well. TierraCast’s designers linked several of the components together with the help of large oval jump rings, then attached each dangle to an earwire using a small oval jump ring.

Galactic Earrings Components List:
Sterling Silver Round Earwire (Pair) (Qty 1)
Intermix 5-Rings Link (Qty 2)
Intermix 4-Rings Link (Qty 2)
Intermix 3-Rings Link (Qty 2)
Rhodium-Plated Brass Large Oval Open Jump Ring (Qty 8)
Silver-Plated Brass Small Oval Open Jump Ring (Qty 2)

Milky Way Bracelet

TierraCast Milky Way Bracelet

This bracelet features the 4-ring links attached to 3-ring bars with the help of jump rings to create a unique multi-strand look. The bracelet features a 3-ring link on either end to bring the strands together. TierraCast even used a 3-ring bar as the eye for the hook clasp, so the length is adjustable.

Milky Way Bracelet Components List:
TierraCast Gold-Plated Pewter Hammered Hook and Eye Clasp Set (Qty 1)
Intermix 3-Rings Link (Qty 2)
Intermix 4-Rings Link (Qty 7)
Intermix 3-Ring-Bar Link (Qty 14)
Gold-Plated Brass Large Oval Open Jump Ring  (Qty 10)
Gold-Plated Brass Medium Oval Open Jump Ring (Qty 26)

Cosmic Journey Necklace

Our designer Cheri couldn’t help playing with these creative components, as well. She took the Intermix name to heart and put different finishes together in her necklace:

Cosmic Journey TierraCast Intermix Necklace

The different link shapes and various shining colors create a playful look that speaks to both sci-fi style or more delicate floral looks. You can learn how to make this necklace and shop the components list in our Design Studio.

The Intermix pieces are so easy to fit together in jewelry designs, but don’t be afraid to try them with Swarovski crystal, TOHO seed beads, or even Dakota Stones gemstones. As TierraCast’s Katie Hill says, “the options are as endless as the 2 trillion galaxies that make up the universe.”

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    • Cortney
    • January 24, 2018

    love it!

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