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Keeping up on the latest bead working trends is much easier when you know about new products the second they’re released. Here you’ll find the latest news on products to be launched on

New Swarovski Innovations and a Fun Contest

August 30th, 2016 · No Comments

Swarovski has announced their Innovations for Fall/Winter 2017/18 and we’re so excited to dive into the new colors, shapes, effects, and more! So excited, in fact, that we are running a cool contest where you can help us give the new pearl coating a nickname. Take a look at a little sneak peek of the Innovations below and learn more about our exciting contest. Shop these Innovations here.

Swarovski Innovations Fall/Winter 2017/18

Innovations Sneak Peek – The Nature of Us

These Innovations are all about what defines us and how we express ourselves. With that in mind, these items are great for expressing yourself any way you want. The wide array of new colors, effects, and components celebrate this movement toward more understanding and acceptance.

New Colors and Effects

Rainbow Dark

Rainbow Dark

This effect features a unique metallic shine with a dark, oily pattern on top of the crystal that creates a multicolor look. With this effect, the rules are thrown out and stereotypes are defied! The pattern is unique on every piece, giving you a variety of options for your designs. This look is sure to add edgy glamour to your style, along with lots of color.

Shiny Lacquer Effects

Shiny Lacquer

The new shiny lacquer effects feature a shiny surface and an opaque backside, for a look where sophisticated shine meets refined sparkle. Available in six colors, these effects fall somewhere between the crystal powder effects and opal colors. Find Ivory Cream, Dark Red, Dark Grey, Royal Red, Royal Blue, and Royal Green.

Pearl Coating: Iridescent Red

Iridescent Red Pearl

Oscillating between red and gray tones, this pearl coating merges seemingly impossible extremes. The iridescent look is created by the smooth blending of dark elephant gray in the center, surrounded by a rich and dark wine red color. This cool and edgy pearl coating is both matte and shiny at the same time.

Name it and Win!

We love the look of this pearl coating so much, we want your help giving it a fun new nickname!

***Update: This contest has ended, you voted for your favorite nickname suggestions and now we have a winner:

Lunar Sunset

Congratulations to Renee M! Her suggestion of Lunar Sunset won, and now she’ll receive the components to make a Pearl Panache necklace in the new color. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Tribute to Tribe Designed by Celine Cousteau

Tribute to Tribe

These next components were designed by Celine Cousteau, marine conservationist, humanitarian, and granddaughter of legendary explorer Jacques Cousteau. You may have seen her Ocean Mysteries collection from the last Innovations launch, inspired by the depths of the ocean. This new collection includes tribal-inspired designs that remind us what it means to belong to the “human tribe”. The collection includes the oval tribe fancy stone, the rhombus tribe fancy stone, and the cross tribe pendant.

New Products and Line Extensions

Oval Rivoli Fancy Stone

Oval Rivoli

This shape features the beautiful rivoli cut with 16 straight and very precise facets. It’s perfect for combining with other pieces in the rivoli assortment. Its versatility ensures that you can use it in many styles, from rock ‘n’ roll glamour looks and refined styles, to cross-cultural mash-ups and futuristic designs.

Kite Fancy Stone

Kite Fancy Stone

This stone is shaped like a slim kite with a brilliant and contemporary cut. You can use this graphic and modern shape to create floral and mosaic designs, or use it as a standalone piece. The reduced height and weight of this stone make it ideal for ring, earring, and textile applications.

Raindrop Flatback

Raindrop Flatback

This is a smaller version of the raindrop flatback, and we love this one just as much as the larger sizes! At 6×1.7mm in size, it’s great for use in nail art or decorating other projects with limited space. Try embellishing eyewear with this fun flatback.

Triangle Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Flatbacks

Triangle Flatbacks

Mix and match these triangle flatbacks! They feature geometric triangle shapes that can be used to create wonderful mosaic-like combinations – you can even bring them together to form a square. With these triangles, individual style has no limits.

We’re so excited to start playing with these Swarovski Innovations as soon as they arrive in our warehouse. Be the first to know that they have arrived by signing up for our newsletter. You’ll receive an email as soon as they are ready to ship, and you’ll stay up to date on other cool Artbeads happenings, like sales, promotions, and more.

We’d love to know what you’re most excited about in this Innovations launch, so make sure to share with us in the comments below, or on our Facebook page. In the meantime, we’ll still be drooling over this sneak peek!





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Bead Storage Solutions

June 2nd, 2016 · No Comments

Experienced beaders and novices alike are always trying to find great ways to store their jewelry-making supplies. Whether you work in your own studio or take some space on your kitchen table for designing, it’s easier to work when your supplies are organized, easy to access and visible! Elizabeth Ward came up with the Bead Storage Solutions system with all of these factors in mind.

Bead Storage Solutions

These trays feature removable clear containers in a variety of sizes. The containers close individually and can slide around within the tray, meaning you can group your components however you want and move them with ease if you need to rearrange! The tray also comes with a clear lid, which will keep the smaller containers in place if traveling (and you’ll still be able to see your beads). A sheet of labels is included with the 45-piece Bead Storage Solutions assorted storage tray set and the 82-piece tiny container storage tray, so you can keep everything organized. Here’s a tip for easy labeling: use the sticker from your Artbeads order! Just take the label off of your order bag and place it on the lid of the container you want to use.

We love this system and so do our customers! Here’s what Artbeader “piasm” has to say:

My bead collection has grown rapidly, and with each wave of new beads, I invent new ways to store them…This compact, sturdy unit has, so far, been a delight. All of my 15/0 and 11/0 beads are now stored compactly in 3 stacking units that sit right beside me at my work area, making it an ease to mix and design. These clear little containers, that open and close in a snap…take up a mere fraction of the space. My work space tends to get crawling with beads of a hundred types between designing and trying different techniques and projects, but this setup seems to keep my space so tidy and prevents runaway beads. The tray cover adds to tidiness by preventing dust (and cat hair) from settling between work sessions.

Artbeader Carole loves the storage system because “it’s neat, compact and easy to find what I’m looking for.” Take a look at how she’s using her Bead Storage Solutions trays:

Artbeader Carole's Bea Storage Solutions Trays

All of her beads are easy to see and perfectly organized!

Artbeader Rael loves the system because the containers are “easy to grip to remove from their tray…Each little container is securely locked and slides into place and then they are covered by a locking lid for extra security.” Rael not only uses the locking lid for extra security – she thinks it makes a nice extra bead tray while you’re working, too! Here’s another tip from Rael on how to use those labels: “I’ve used the stickers that come with the box to write the size and color. I keep a sticky note inside the lid to write down the colors I am short of.”

Bead Storage Solutions Trays

You can purchase the Bead Storage Solutions tray and containers separately to mix and match the storage options you need for your stash! Find tiny, small, medium and large containers that slide right into any Bead Storage Solutions tray!


Artbeader “RagdollMama” loves these containers: “The flip top on these containers is so secure but easy to open and durable enough that if you drop a container it doesn’t shatter or spill the contents all over the floor!”

It’s clear that these trays are the way to go if you want an organized work space! Now you can add to your system with the Bead Storage Solutions work in progress tray.


This tray includes a bead design board and a foam bead design board cover. With this tray, you can take your works in progress on the go and they will stay secure between beading sessions! Since this tray is the same size as the other trays in the system, it is stackable. You can easily add it to your system.

Try out the Bead Storage Solutions trays for yourself and see how they can keep your beads in order, while still allowing your creativity to flow! Already using the Bead Storage Solutions system? Leave a product review to let us know how you like them or share with us on our Facebook page.

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Enter to Win an Shopping Spree!

December 29th, 2014 · 10 Comments

Artbeads Shopping Spree

Now is your chance to win a $500 shopping spree at! One lucky winner will be chosen to receive a $500 gift certificate for Just think of all the beads you could buy! From Swarovski crystal and Russian artist pendants, to the latest leather jewelry supplies or other great beads, it can all be yours with $500 to spend. To enter, click here and follow the instructions. Enter your email address for your chance to win – you can even gain additional entries by visiting our social media outlets. Hurry, as this contest ends on December 31st, 2014.

So, what jewelry supplies would you buy with $500? Leave a comment below and share with us!

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Artbeads is Addicting!

November 3rd, 2014 · 1 Comment

It’s always great to hear from a satisfied customer who can’t get enough of our stuff! Dawn W. recently started buying from us and now she can’t stop:

“We stumbled across while looking for jewelry findings.  The free shipping, 100% satisfaction guarantee and return policy plus all the secure icons led us to sign up for the emails/newsletters and then we got the email about the sterling silver sale.  That was our first purchase and when the order arrived within a week we were VERY pleased with the items we purchased.  So pleased, in fact, I turned around and ordered more beads, gemstones and sterling silver within days of receiving that first order that were on sale.  Within days of that 2nd order I placed our 3rd order for even more beads, gemstones and sterling silver! 

 We are ECSTATIC with not only our purchases, but the quality of the items and the customer service received during these purchases.  Prices are good – and when there is a sale – they are even better!  The variety of merchandise available at one online store is fantastic! 

 My husband makes Native American themed jewelry so we shop online at various sites and I am always comparing prices, but along with getting the best price I look for security, customer service, shipping and return policies and we have found all of that and more at!  We have told artisan friends of ours about this site and how pleased we are with the entire buying experience.

 My only problem is that each time we get a sale email I want to go buy more stuff!  LOL  Needless to say, will definitely be one of our main ‘go-to’ places to buy our supplies!”

So, what can’t you get enough of at Leave a comment below, write a product review on our website, or leave a post on our Facebook page. You can also check the box on your next order to review our store. We love hearing from you!

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An Interview With Linda Hartung of Alacarte Clasps, WireLace, & WireLuxe

September 5th, 2013 · 91 Comments

LindaHartung b-w version

Linda and Tim Hartung, co-owners and designers behind Linda Arline Originals, Alacarte Clasps™, WireLace™, and WireLuxe™, have been designing jewelry for most of their lives. Driven by their faith, love for one another, and passion for beautiful, high-quality jewelry design, the couple has blazed a trail in the do-it-yourself jewelry market creating new tools, techniques and products for designers. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Linda after her recent Artbeads Café shoot to talk about her passion for jewelry, how she came to be a pioneer in the DIY market, what inspires her and what words of wisdom she has for the rest of us.

Jes: Hi Linda, welcome to Artbeads! Thank you so much for sitting down with me today. You have accomplished so many amazing things in your life; I don’t know exactly where to start. Maybe we should start at the beginning, how did you first get into beading?

Linda: Thanks for having me. That is a good place to start. I have been asked this question a lot, so I’ve really had to think about it. Starting as young as five, I can remember walking along the riverbeds to find “friendship rocks” with holes in them and stringing them on my shoelaces to make a necklace. I remember doing that a lot because my mom was always asking me “where are your shoe laces?!” [Laughing] I couldn’t wait to get colored tennis shoes because they had colored laces to make colored necklaces to go with my rocks. My mom was a Girl Scout leader and my little sister I got to tag along to meetings with her and my older sisters to make lariats, and lanyards, and potholders, so I’ve always loved crafting. Lanyards were one of my favorite things to do, so I think a lot of it is just the way I’m built and a lot of it comes from being exposed to it through the Girl Scouts. As I grew up I was into horses, and you know that kind of preoccupies your time, and then I met my (didn’t know then) soon-to-be husband. He was an artist and we would go to craft fairs to sell his art. I wanted something to do, and feathers were big at the time, so I started making feather earrings. I would sell out every time and made enough money to cover the cost of the booth and enjoy some food while we were sitting there. It was just kind of a neat way for us to do things together.

Jes: That is so sweet! So how did selling jewelry for booth money turn into the business you have today?

Linda: Well, then of course I got into the business side of life. I had a couple jobs, had my horse, and then my husband graduated with a graphic design and marketing degree and I decided to represent him, and we grew our business doing that for 25 years. When we had our daughter, I decided I wanted to spend more time raising her, so we made a shift. We decided to downsize, before downsizing was a buzzword, and moved to Forestville, CA. We visited there all the time and thought it was the most beautiful place, and one day we just thought, “Hey, why can’t we just live here?” So we did. We kept a handful of customers, and started to move into jewelry because it was small and manageable.

RhapsodyNK3pink-500My husband had made jewelry all through high school and college using The Lost Wax Method* and I liked to create things, so one day we just decided to retire from graphic design and marketing completely and just focus on making and selling our designs. By then, our daughter was off to college and it was something we thought would be small and portable that we could travel with. We would go to jewelry and craft shows near our daughter’s college so we could go visit her and then go to the shows. We started traveling for shows all of the time, and eventually got started with the clasps because we could not find elegant clasps to go with our finished jewelry. We purposely chose to go with high-end costume jewelry because there were so many cool things to work with. We traveled all over looking for someone that would make us high-end, nickel-free clasps that could be customized with Swarovski crystals, and eventually found a few manufacturers in Europe. Once we started using the clasps in our finished jewelry, fellow designers would beg us to sell them some because there just wasn’t anything else like them on the market. So we would sell to them, and that increased our demand for more, and then Bead & Button featured them in an issue, and that increased our demand so much that it kind of pulled us into the DIY market (Alacarte Clasps). Swarovski was just starting to expand into the DIY market at the same time, and they liked the pieces I had been making with their stuff, so I began working with them on their Create Your Style program, and that’s how we really got our momentum in the DIY market. Now I would say I do DIY in reverse, I make pieces for my finished jewelry line or for a magazine and I see what people are interested in learning about then I go back and think “how can I turn this into a project?” So my kits are really designed to take the frustration out of learning to design so that people can focus on picking their colors, and learning the technique, and just having fun with beads.

Linda Hartung blog 8

Jes: Wow, what an amazing journey! I love that your kits are designed that way. I have experienced frustration while trying to learn a new technique on more than one occasion; I think I might need to try one of your kits! It sounds like you are part entrepreneur, part jewelry designer, and part inventor. What inspired you to create WireLace and WireLuxe?

Linda Hartung Blog pic 1Linda: For WireLace, I had seen a sample of knitted wire in Europe and I let my mind whirl trying to figure out what I could use it for. Eventually I tracked down the manufacturer and we worked with them to see what we could do together. It was so exciting because I felt like we were exploring uncharted territories. Eventually I ordered a full spool of every color and hung them from the wall in my craft room. For years I just admired them and thought about how to use them in my designs. Sometimes I’d make a piece or two with it but I hadn’t really figured out what to do with it yet. One day, the editor of Beadwork Magazine was talking with Tim, trying to find a source for a project that used knitted wire. She mentioned they had a project but could not run it because they had no source in the USA for the material. Tim knew immediately she was searching for WireLace and told her “we have a whole wall of it in our studio!” The editor asked if we would be willing to be listed as the supplier and Tim said “sure”, not really thinking much of it, and all of a sudden my phone was ringing off the hook; everybody wanted to order WireLace! I sent my daughter to the store to get the magazine because I couldn’t figure out why so many people were interested, and it turns out they had put the project on the cover [laughing]. WireLace just took off from there. We ended developing additional colors and sizes to meet the needs of the DIY market.


WireLuxe really just came from knowing the market. I like to look for needs that aren’t being met across multiple channels and try to figure out ways to meet them. In this case, seedbeaders, wire workers, and beaders all had a need for a wide, stable-yet-flexible structure to work on. So I started thinking, “what if I could make an open wire weave structure that was useful for design, but interesting enough to be used alone?” So Tim and I tracked down a company that was willing to build a machine for us. We tinkered with it for over a year. We would try something and that wouldn’t work so we would take it apart and start over. We spent a lot of time on the phone with their support people and they would help us try to figure out what to try next. We ended up having custom pieces made for the machine and eventually we came up with the WireLuxe open-weave structure. I’m really glad we did it because it was a lot of fun and we’re so happy with the finished product.

Jes: Your story is simply remarkable. I really admire your creativity and ingenuity. I’ve got to ask, what inspires you as an artist, designer, and inventor?

Linda: Well my husband and I always knew we wanted to work together. We are deeply faithful Christians and I would say faith is the core of my inspiration. Nature is beautiful and inspirational, and I really marvel at the endless creations on earth, but there is a verse in the Bible that says “…and by Him and through Him all things are created” and I really connect with that. I feel like there is a wellspring within me and creativity will flow out if I just let it. Some people really focus on putting information in and trying to get a certain result; I just focus on letting ideas and creativity flow out.

Linda Hartung blog pic 3 Jes: That is really special, thank you for sharing that with us. Last question, do you have any words of wisdom or advice to pass on to our Artbeader community?

Linda: Sure, well my advice is to have fun, you know, play with your beads! Lay them out, position them in different ways, and see what you like. Don’t be afraid to waste a little string or wire. Let yourself experiment, that’s how you learn to be a better designer. When I put together a piece I leave the components out at my desk for while. I arrange them in different ways until I see a design that really speaks to me, then I start thinking about how to make it. If you are afraid to waste stringing materials at first, start with a kit. Find a design you love, get a kit for it, practice the technique and then adapt it.

Linda Hartung blog 9

Jes: That is great advice! Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me today.

Linda: Thank you so much for having me!

*The Lost Wax Method: The lost wax method of casting first began in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome thousands of years ago. This technique is still respected as one of the premiere methods of capturing superb detail in metal. Once an artist carves his or her design into the wax it can be transferred to a variety of metals, and it is often used in dentistry, sculpture, and fine jewelry.

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The Crystal Applicator Tool is so Cool…

February 19th, 2013 · 1 Comment

Crystal Applicator Tool Helps Bling it up a Notch

How cool is it? Well, first of all, this tool allows you to customize your clothing and accessories with Swarovski crystal components like a professional designer! Moreover, the crystal applicator tool is compatible with different types of components from SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, including jean buttons and snap fasteners. Do you have a nice jacket that needs just a little extra something? This crystal applicator tool can help! Use the rose pin sets for instant sparkle, or let out your inner glam rocker with snap fasteners to add a taste of glimmer. Dress up your droll business top with eye-catching buttons, made with only the finest from Swarovski! Do you have an old handbag that hasn’t seen the outside of your closet since 1998? Give it a modern facelift with the smallest touches—like one large 17mm chessboard jeans button.

Norma Jean Learning Center Idea

Although this tool can look intimidating, you’ll want to decorate everything once you start. Don’t worry about how to use it—we have some amazing step-by-step instructions on how to use the tool and its compatible die sets. Our Learning Center even offers free ideas if you need some inspiration on where to begin.

Denim Jacket

Here’s a sneak peek at what our designers have in store for upcycling an old denim jacket! You won’t believe how quickly this process goes when you get into a rhythm. Keep your eyes on our Learning Center to see when we reveal the complete idea.

Shoes and Pants
Photo Source: tumblr.

This tool is an investment—think of the money you’ll save creating one-of-a-kind designs that can be twice as cool as the ones found in magazines! Dip your hands in the bridal market by making veils and headpieces that will sparkle to match a glowing bride. Take an elegant approach to cuff bracelets by adding crystal snap fasteners to the ends of your favorite scrap fabric pieces. There are countless ways to play with the crystal applicator tool, but you’ll never know what until you try it for yourself!

Discover the fun by clicking here.


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Look What You can do with the Pick-It-Up Vacuum Tool!

December 7th, 2012 · No Comments

We’re so excited about the new Pick-It-Up Vacuum Tool! This nifty tool has a suction wand that helps pick up flatbacks easier than using tweezers or a toothpick and wax. The Artbeads designers have been having too much fun with it, and they can’t stop putting flatbacks on things! Here are just a few of the things around the craft room that have been given a sparkling new touch from Artbeads co-owner and chief jewelry designer Cynthia.

Any optivisor is that much cooler when it’s decked out in crystals!

Cynthia will definitely never lose her thumb drive with its shimmering new cover.

This flatbacked picture frame would make a wonderful gift, or would even help brighten up a room with its brilliant sparkle. You can watch the video on how to use the Pick-It-Up Vacuum Tool below, and don’t forget to buy one for yourself. This makes a terrific gift for designers, too!


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Welcome to Lassero

December 3rd, 2012 · 1 Comment

Every special moment deserves to be captured in a way that makes you feel like the day it happened. The joyful pounding of your heart as you walked down the aisle, the warm tears that filled your eyes seeing your child in a cap and gown, the uncontrollable smile when you held your first grandchild—these life-changing events played such an important role in your life that they should be symbolized by only the finest keepsakes. Artbeads is extremely proud to present to you Lassero, your new choice for telling a story with elegance and grace.

This collection of beads, charms, pendants and more is made of the highest eminence. The gold plating is of the utmost quality, and every component with crystals is made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. These crystals are set by dedicated hands, ensuring every setting is perfect. Lassero provides elegant additions while easing jewelry designing. Many of the beads and charms feature large stringing holes so it only takes minutes to put together a bracelet or necklace with sophisticated finish and professional flair. Tell the story of YOU with Lassero.

As you reach new milestones in your life, this collection will continue to grow, so you can anticipate creating new memories with Lassero’s expansion in the future. Experience it all now in our boutique.


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Swarovski Spring/Summer 2014 Pre-Launch

November 14th, 2012 · 1 Comment

Artbeads is always on the cutting edge of news from SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, and this time we couldn’t wait to share it! Swarovski has showcased what’s in their pre-launch for Spring/Summer 2014—new additions to the line of BeCharmed large-hole beads.

The most exciting thing about their pre-launch is the introduction of BeCharmed Pavé products. These beads sparkle from Swarovski’s signature XILION cut crystals that cover the surface. These pavé beads will also have the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS branding engraved along the large stringing hole.

All of these new items would make wonderful additions to your large-hole jewelry designs, elevating every bracelet, necklace or even earring idea in sophistication from the dazzling sparkle they possess. Stay tuned to Artbeads to find out when these pre-launch items will be available to you!


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Designer Spotlight – Regaliz Leather

October 5th, 2012 · 1 Comment

Artbeads is always happy to expand its collection of high-quality pieces, especially when we get to work with amazing suppliers. Graham from Regaliz™ leather opened up to us about our exciting line of fashionable leather components, and how this concept of providing quality pieces came into being. What is Regaliz exactly? It’s a very thick, very special type of leather that looks like licorice. In fact, regaliz in Spanish means licorice! This is where Graham got the idea to name the brand.

When Graham and his wife went to visit one of his suppliers in Greece, it was Graham’s wife who fell in love with leather. ” My wife and I travelled to Greece to visit a factory that I purchase from, [and when] she saw the bracelets at the factory she said they look very nice. So we brought a few samples home with us. I showed them to my family and staff, [and] everyone just fell in love with the whole concept and everything just developed from there.

A lot of thought and research goes in to the Regaliz process. The team’s dedication to traveling and observing first-hand the current fashion trends is what makes them so successful. “… you have to get out and about and walk the streets. In Europe some woman are wearing 5 Regaliz bracelets and you often see men wearing them.” Although it’s sometimes tough, Graham does admit that his favorite part of the process is getting to travel: “It has to be traveling, then buying the different designs and watching them sell well and finally seeing someone wearing a bracelet that even though you did not make [it], the parts came from our hard work [that you know began] with the travel.”

So does Graham have a favorite component? “My absolute favorite is the faux snake skin wrapped leather. The fact that this just opens up a huge market for jewelry for men is the most amazing part of the Regaliz line though.” We’re in love with Regaliz leather because it is versatile enough for both men’s and women’s fashion and can be used to achieve so many different looks. You can explore more from Regaliz leather and create your own special jewelry.

Looking for other ways to use Regaliz leather? Take a strip and turn it into a headband! Use heavy duty hole punch pliers to thread elastic cord, double string it through the holes and secure with thread. It’s that easy! Stay tuned to the Blog for more fun ideas.


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